Pritzker: Number Of COVID Vaccine Doses Promised To Illinois Cut In Half"I was disappointed to learn that the US Department of Health and Human Services informed us that, per the direction of Operation Warp Speed, that estimate was tightened significantly down to 4.3 million doses shipped nationally next week."
Pritzker: No COVID Vaccine Mandate For Workers In State Facilities"When the vaccines become available. Please take it."
Pritzker Calls On Congress To Approve New COVID Relief Package As Pandemic Rages On
IHSA To 'Pause' Winter Sports Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions“Given the rising COVID-19 cases in our state and region, we support the Governor’s mitigations and believe it is imperative for everyone in the state to do their part in following them so that we can return to high school sports participation as soon as possible.”
IHSA Meets To Discuss Future Of Student Sports In The StateThe association added sports like basketball and swimming will not start up again until the new year.
IDES Fraud Continues To Run Rampant, Frustrating People Who Were Scammed"You are not allowed to call again because it blocks you from leaving another message."
Pritzker On Defeat Of Graduated Income Tax: 'There Will Be Cuts. And They Will Be Painful'"Illinois's fiscal problems haven't gone away. We now sit at a crossroads. Our state finances, still require fundamental structural change."
Supporters Of Graduated Income Tax Concede Defeat As Illinois Voters Reject Proposed Constitutional AmendmentThose for and against the constitutional amendment waged multimedia, multimillion dollar campaigns to sway voters on the tax.
Despite Threat Of Lawsuits, Pritzker Says 'It Makes No Sense' To Loosen Mitigation Efforts For Bars, Restaurants"We have got to get these numbers down. And you know why? So we can reopen the bars and restaurants."
Illinois Restaurants Sue To Stay Open; 'This Should Be A Legislative Decision'"We're paying more money out than we're bringing in as well."
Indoor Dining Banned In Chicago, Governor Cites Rising COVID Case Numbers"No matter where you live, what your politics are, where you work or who you love: Illinois: mask up! And we’ll get through this together.”
'COVID Storm On The Rise'; Governor Pritzker, IDPH Dir. Ezike Say Numbers Are Trending In The Wrong Direction"Where we know we've got scofflaws, where we know there are bars and restaurants or others who are putting the public in danger, we have asked our state police to go into those areas. They have the ability, through the regulation that was passed just a couple of months ago, to issue first warning."
Cook County Gets Tighter COVID-19 Restrictions This Week; State Reports 4,729 New Cases, 2,638 In Hospital"Region 10, on the other hand, is the first region in Illinois to earn additional mitigations not because of its positivity rate alone, but because its positivity rate and its COVID-related hospitalizations have both seen a sustained increase over the last 10 days.”
'Fight The Fatigue' Illinois' Health Director Pleads For People To Take COVID-19 Seriously, Adhere To Pandemic Restrictions"Some of those locations, when they remain open, when they don't follow the rules, they are, in fact, helping to communicate this virus to many other people."
Pritzker: Illinois Delivers First Shipments Of Abbott BinaxNOW COVID Tests To Local Health Departments"It is it's disconcerting to me that people want to, you know, just either lie about it or disbelieve the facts. We've been operating on facts and data and science from the very beginning. We're not making arbitrary decisions."