Large Group Of Protesters Gathers Downtown For Police Reform, Against ICEAnother mass protest hit downtown Chicago streets Saturday night, and organizers reassured those gathering would be peaceful.
Police Search For Man Suspected Of Stabbing 2 Homeless People In Grant Park On Different Days, Killing OnePolice issued a community alert Monday about an assailant who has stabbed two homeless people in Grant Park this month.
Protesters Call Removal Of Columbus Statues In Chicago A Slap In The Face To Italian-AmericansA protest rally was held Sunday following Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s decision to remove two statues of Christopher Columbus.
'Back The Blue' March, 'Black Lives Matter' Protesters Square Off In Countering Downtown RalliesA few hundred pro-police demonstrators attending a “Back the Blue” march in Grant Park faced off with protesters demanding the city reduce funding for the Chicago Police Department, and devote more money to social service programs.
Graffiti Found In Grant Park; 'Defund CPD,' 'Black Lives Matter' Messages Removed From PropertyGraffiti was found around Grant Park and removed from the property. 
Columbus Controversy: What's Next For The Statue And Other Monuments In Chicago?"What we're seeing now is people drawing attention to the complexity of that history questioning whether Columbus is necessary, what he represented, is something we want to continue to honor."
Christopher Columbus Statues Taken Down After Mayor Lightfoot Orders Them 'Temporarily Removed' From Grant Park, Arrigo ParkChicago's other Columbus statue in Little Italy was also early Friday morning. 
After Violence Took Over Friday Columbus Statue Demonstration, Mayor Says: 'That's Not Peaceful Protest. That's Anarchy'They not only sharpen a PVC pipe, they're seen re-stocking the crowd with projectiles: bricks and frozen water bottles; fuel to a hot, tense Friday evening.
Chicago Police Say Peaceful Grant Park Protest Was 'Hijacked By Organized Mobs'; Mayor Lori Lightfoot Denounces 'People Who Came For A Fight, Not A Peaceful Protest'The mayor and police said organized mobs of vigilantes hijacked an otherwise peaceful protest, and pelted officers with frozen water bottles, rocks, and fireworks.
COPA Says It Has Received More Than 20 Police Misconduct Reports From Friday Unrest At Grant ParkThe Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) said Sunday that it had received more than 20 complaints against Chicago Police officers as a result of protests in Grant Park.
Fallout After Grant Park Protests Turn Violent: Protester Says She Was Attacked By Police, Video Shows Objects Being Hurled At OfficersThere was new fallout Saturday afternoon over violent protests in Grant Park the evening before, as demonstrators tried to take down the statue of Christopher Columbus in the park.
18 Officers Injured After Rally Turns Into Clash With Police Over Grant Park's Columbus StatuePolice say 12 people were arrested and could face charges including battery of a police officer and mob action.
BREAKING: Protesters Try To Tear Down Columbus Statue In Chicago's Grant ParkA large group of protesters was seen attempting to tear down the Columbus statue in the park. 
Columbus Statues In Grant Park, Arrigo Park Covered In Plastic Wrap To 'Discourage Vandalism'The statues of Christopher Columbus in Grant Park and Arrigo Park have been seen covered with plastic wrap Monday.
Thousands Expected To Gather At Juneteenth March, Rally DowntownThousands will march to commemorate Juneteenth, the day slavery officially ended in the United States in 1865.