Attorneys For NFL Players Meet With New MediatorOn Tuesday, the the attorneys for the NFL players met with the federal magistrate who will oversee court-ordered mediation between the players and the NFL.
Fan Sues NFL Over LockoutA Cleveland Browns fan is claiming the NFL violated his contract to buy tickets through his personal seat license when the league and teams locked out the players, and he's suing because of it.
AP: Players Received 53 Percent Of Incremental IncreaseFigures obtained by The Associated Press underscore the substantial divide between the NFL and the locked-out players on a core issue: What portion of additional revenue goes to players.
NFLPA: League Tried To Pull 'The Old Switcheroo'The NFL Players Association says labor negotiations broke down last week because the owners' last proposal would have made salaries a fixed cost and eliminated the players' chance to share in higher-than-projected revenue growth.
NFL To Be More Aggressive In Suspending Players For Illegal HitsAmong changes for the next NFL season, whenever that is, are more suspensions for illegal hits, and possible adjustments to instant replays and kickoffs.
Muller: Why Would NFLPA Ever Want To Boycott The Draft?Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be considered one of the top NFL prospects, and how cool how cool it would be to get invited to Radio City Music Hall for the NFL Draft?
Teams Warned About Trash Talk, Physical Threats By NFLThe NFL playoffs are heating up and teams are trying to intimidate each other. The NFL doesn't want any of it and has warned players not to go too far.
University Of Minnesota Continues Work For MondayThe University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Vikings are determined to have Monday night's Bears-Vikings game played at TCF Bank Stadium