Gabriel: Scouting North Carolina QB Mitch TrubiskyTrubisky has the physical tools to excel, but his experience makes him a wild card.
Gabriel: Scouting Clemson QB Deshaun WatsonWatson has come up big in big games time and again.
Gabriel: Scouting Notre Dame QB DeShone KizerKizer has the physical traits you want in a quarterback but sometimes goes too far in the quest to make a big play.
Gabriel: Should The Bears Attempt To Trade For Jimmy Garoppolo?The Bears need a franchise quarterback, and the Patriots' Garoppolo may be available.
Gabriel: Early Assessment Of Bears' Needs, Options In 1st Round Of NFL DraftThe Bears could really use a quarterback, a cornerback, a safety and an offensive tackle.
Gabriel: How Far Away Are The Bears From Success?Some tough decisions await this offseason as the Bears look to return to playoff contention in the future.
Gabriel: No, Matt Barkley Isn't A Starting-Caliber NFL QuarterbackBarkley doesn't have the arm strength to be a consistent winning quarterback.
Gabriel: Enough With The 'Bears Lost By Winning' NarrativePlayers, coaches and front office members are judged by whether they're successful. So a win is always good.
Gabriel: Bears' Young Players Don't Make Most Of Their OpportunityFor fringe roster players, you only get so many chances to prove you belong. Many Bears didn't belong in Sunday's loss.
Gabriel: Bears' Lack Of Depth On Display More Than EverThe injury-plagued Bears have far too many backups and journeymen playing leading roles.
Gabriel: Bears Continue To Fall FlatIt's hard to see the Bears (2-7) winning five games this season. A top-five draft pick looks all but certain.
Gabriel: Bears-Packers ReviewThe Bears are competing. They just don't have enough talent.
Gabriel: Bears-Colts ReviewChicago didn't take advantage of its opportunities in the red zone.
Gabriel: Bears Game Plan Much Improved, Sets Tone In First WinThe Bears coaches committed more to the run and game planned to Brian Hoyer's strengths.
Gabriel: Bears Are Lacking Leadership, HeartThe Bears underestimated the impact of letting strong leaders go this past offseason.