New Manager Could Be Announced Before World Series; Bell Not In MixWhite Sox general manager said Tuesday that a new manager will not be hired this week, but it could happen before the World Series.
Reinsdorf Steps In After Williams, Walker Have Heated ConfrontationThe shortage of production from Adam Dunn, Alex Rios and Gordon Beckham recently lead to a heated confrontation between general manager Ken Williams and hitting coach Greg Walker, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.
Wisch: Do Major League Hitting Coaches Really Matter?The White Sox are caught up in an offensive tailspin and their fans are fed up with Greg Walker. The Cubs are hopelessly tangled in a second straight lost season and their fans are unimpressed with Rudy Jaramillo.
Bernstein: Dunn Making Sox Fans Act WeirdGive a guy $56 million, watch him hit .171, and we all become tee-ball parents. “Yay, Adam! Adam got a hit! Honey, take a picture – did you bring your phone? I know, I’m low on battery, too…just take one…Great job, Adam!”
Ramirez 'A Self-Made Player'For some players to be effective at the plate they need constant input and tweaks by the team's batting coach. Other players just seem to be able to step into the batter's box and get the job done.
'Immense' Pressure On Ozzie And Coaching StaffThe Chicago White Sox were one of the most aggressive teams during free agency, the team was able to sign free agent slugger Adam Dunn and re-sign Paul Konerko. But with that offseason success comes pressure for the manager.
Konerko Willing To Call It Quits If He Doesn’t Like What He Hears