After COVID-19 Closures, Gyms Reopen Statewide With Caution"I truly believe in science and I believe in data and I am nervous. And if we find it isn't safe, then we will stop doing it. Opening our business will not come at the cost of people's health for us."
Chicago Gyms Adjust To COVID-19 Restrictions To Reopen In June"I will definitely go to the gym, see how the new layout is and check the protocols they've put in place and really determine if I feel like what they've put in place is safe and good for our family."
Gym Owners Make Changes As Chicago Implements Strict Reopening GuidelinesGyms will soon be reopened in Chicago, but it won't be the same old workout. There will be strict new guidelines in the city for staying in shape.
Neighbors Say Norwood Park Gym Has Stayed Open, Flouting Non-Essential Business Closure Rule For COVID-19When Gov. JB Pritzker shut down non-essential businesses for the stay-at-home order for the coronavirus pandemic, that included gyms.
Fitness Enthusiasts Think Outside The Gym During Coronavirus PandemicMany are turning to online classes, grabbing bleach bottles as makeshift weights, or taking cues from YouTube challenges showing how to do crunches with furniture or turn a kitchen floor into a treadmill by soaping up the tiling.
Best Kettlebell Workouts In ChicagoLike history, fitness crazes tend to repeat themselves, and the latest old-new workout is the kettlebell. Kettlebells have been around for ages but are having a resurgence in popularity as people discover the benefits of this weight-training workout.
Gyms Prepare For Membership Rush At New Year'sIf you’re like a lot of people, you may be resolving to get fit and lose some pounds in the new year.
LA Fitness Takes Over All Chicago Area Bally's GymsIf you were a member of any of the 23 Chicago area Bally Total Fitness clubs, your membership has been transferred over to LA Fitness as the gyms change hands.