U.S. Kids Eating More Fast Food, Healthier Offerings Not HelpingChildren in the U.S. are eating fast food more often, and despite restaurant chains' commitments to offer healthier options with kids' meals, most kids still get unhealthy drinks and side items with their meals. 
Eating A Mediterranean Diet Could Prevent DepressionA Mediterranean diet -- rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts and fish -- could help lower a person's risk of depression, a new study says.
More Women Turning Placentas Into Pills After Giving BirthSome claim there are health benefits to having the organ encapsulated, saying it restores iron levels and reduces postpartum depression. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists says there is little research to back up those claims. 
Cancer Expected To Kill More Than 9 Million People Globally This Year, Report FindsThe World Health Organization's cancer research arm estimated in a report released Wednesday that there will be about 18 million new cases of cancer globally this year and 9.6 million deaths.
The Apple Watch Is Getting Closer To Becoming A Medical DeviceApple is trying to turn its smartwatch from a niche gadget into a lifeline to better health by slowly evolving it into a medical device.
When Is The Right Time To Get Your Flu Shot?Summer is winding down and school is back in session, which means flu season is right around the corner. And as health officials remind us every year, the best protection against the virus is to get a flu shot.
FDA Calls Teen Vaping An "Epidemic," Threatens To Pull Products Off The MarketU.S. health officials say teenage use of e-cigarette has reached "epidemic" levels and are calling on the industry to address the problem or risk having their flavored products pulled off the market.
At Least 15 Men Near Ground Zero After 9/11 Have Breast Cancer, Law Firm SaysA New York City law firm claims to have around 15 male clients who are suffering from breast cancer believed to be linked to toxins from Ground Zero.
OxyContin Maker Gets Patent For Drug To Treat Opioid AddictionPurdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, has received a patent designed to treat opioid addiction.
Olive Oil May Be Better For Men Than Viagra, Study ClaimsAccording to scientists in Greece, olive oil may be better than Viagra when it comes to boosting sexual performance.
How Do Hospital Bills Get So High?The high cost of medical care is giving some Americans sticker shock. Annual health care spending in the U.S. is estimated to be $3.5 trillion. Hospital costs make up almost a third of that total.