Kids In U.S. "Hotspots" Most Vulnerable To Vaccine-Preventable Disease, Research FindsA rise in non-medical exemptions from childhood vaccinations in certain areas of the United States has created several geographic "hotspots" where children are more vulnerable to preventable disease outbreaks, new research finds.
IQ Scores Are Falling And Have Been For Decades, New Study FindsThe research suggests that genes aren't what's driving the decline in IQ scores, according to the study, published Monday.
Salmonella-Linked Pre-Cut Melon Now Found In 9 StatesProduced at a Caito Foods facility in Indianapolis, the fruit, packaged in clear plastic containers, was distributed to retailers in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio, the FDA said Tuesday in an update that upped the number of states to nine.
Many Americans Taking Common Meds That May Cause Depression, Study FindsThe study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, warns that depression is a potential side effect of more than 200 commonly prescribed medications, including beta blockers for blood pressure, birth control pills, antacids, and painkillers.
Stem Cell Treatment Gives Hope For Infants Born With Heart DefectDoctors in Los Angeles are using stem cells to try to strengthen the hearts of children born with a life-threatening condition.
University Offers $3,500 To Get Sick And Stay In "Hotel Influenza"Looking to take 10 days off from work and get paid for it? St. Louis University may be willing to fund your getaway. But there's a catch: You have get sick and stay quarantined at "Hotel Influenza."
British Boy With Brain Tumor Dresses As Spider-Man To Inspire Cancer PatientsA British boy with a very rare brain tumor has turned to Spider-Man for strength. The young superhero fan is inspiring thousands in the battle for a brain cancer cure.
Suicide Prevention And Coping With Loss"We're losing 125 Americans a day to suicide. We have an epidemic on our hands."

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