Surveying The Weekend Winter Storm Damage That Slammed The Shoreline"There's five cars that are still there and one of them happens to be a Tesla. And I'm sure that they're all totaled because the water was almost as high as the garage they were using."
Chicago Weather: Parts Of Lakefront Trail Closed Due To High Waves On Lake MichiganAccording to the National Weather Service, winds of 21 to 33 knots were creating waves of 6 to 8 feet along the lakefront on Monday.
Wild Waves Threaten Indiana Dunes In Portage"It could undermine the foundation of this building and that would be catastrophic."
High Waves Reach Roofs, Threaten Homes On Lakefront In Rogers ParkImagine looking out your window and seeing waves so powerful that they reach your roof and rattle your home.
Traffic Stops For Super-Sized Waves Hitting South Shore DriveThe flooding is not going away because of the waves that just keep pummeling the walls. Steady waves turned sidewalks into streams. 
High Waves On Lake Prompt Warning Of Dangerous Swimming ConditionsThe Chicago Fire Department is warning beach-goers of dangerous swimming conditions in the Chicago area.
Chicago Weather: Park District Closes Parts Of Lakefront Trail Due To High WavesWaves up to 8 feet tall have prompted the Chicago Park District to close several parts of the Lakefront Trail, and other parts of the path have been littered with debris from the pounding waves.
Chicago Weather: Beach Hazard Statement, Small Craft Advisory For Lake MichiganHigh waves will make being on Lake Michigan dangerous for swimmers and boaters alike on Monday.
Man Dies After High Waves Swept Him Into Lake Michigan"My cousin tried to get him out. He wasn't able to."
Dangerous High Waves Kill Man Along Lake MichiganDespite the overcast skies, there are lots of people walking outside near the lakefront but they stuck close to the stairs.
Man Dies After Being Swept Into Lake MichiganAuthorities are asking people to stay out of the water.