Illinois Department Of Employment Security Promised Money Back To Unemployment Recipients After Overpayment Waivers, So Where Are The Refunds?Their refunds from the State of Illinois are approved, but for nearly a year, some unemployment claimants have been waiting on the money they are owed.
IDES Kept Offices Closed While Many Struggled To Get Their Unemployment Benefits: What Really HappenedIDES’ offices have been closed to the public since the pandemic began. The closures came as thousands struggled to navigate a system that was understaffed, ill-equipped to deal with the scope of the problem and fraught with technical issues that prevented some from getting their benefits in a timely manner, or at all.
IDES Warning People About Rising Unemployment Scams As Checks End For Nearly 453,000 In IllinoisThe Illinois Department of Employment Services is warning people to be on the lookout for suspicious texts and emails because scammers are once again on the prowl. 
Two More IDES Offices Reopen ThursdayAfter being closed for months, the doors are finally reopening at more Illinois Department of Employment Services offices this week. 
Federal Funding For Extended Unemployment Benefits Expires On Sept. 11The remaining federal unemployment programs, including Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation, and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, will expire on Sept. 4.
Illinois Department Of Employment Security Begins Reopening Offices By Appointment Only, But Only Four For Now, And Only One In Chicago AreaThe Illinois Department of Employment Security announced Thursday that it has reopened some of its offices on an appointment-only basis.
Woman Was Approved For PUA Benefits, But Later Ruled Ineligible, And Now State Of Illinois Is Garnishing Her Wages And Charging Fee For ItThe State of Illinois is taking money out of one woman's paycheck for every cent she got in unemployment – saying she never should have received the benefits they approved.
Illinois Department Of Employment Security Launches New Website, Intended To Be More User-FriendlyThe troubled Illinois Department of Employment Security has launched a new website they say will make things more user-friendly.
Unemployment Claims Are Up This Week, And So Is Number Of People Waiting For Help From Illinois Department Of Employment SecurityThere was another uptick in unemployment claims in Illinois this week, and in the number of people waiting for answers about benefits.
Chicago Woman Lost Thousands To Unemployment Scammer, And She Wants To Know Why More Isn't Being Done To Get Money BackThousands of dollars in unemployment benefits were stolen by a local scammer, and nothing was done to stop them. CBS 2’s Tara Molina is Working for Chicago to follow up on this fraud case, and asked why more is not being done to get that state money back – with fraud an issue not only plaguing the state’s system, but costing big money.
Illinois Unemployment Claims Remain At A High, Phone Numbers Waiting For Callbacks Still RisingWith unemployment claims still at a high and calls for help still on the rise, we are not out of the woods in Illinois.