First, Suburban Woman Is Victim Of Unemployment Fraud, Then, She Can't Get Benefits When She Does Need ThemWe've done many stories on folks out of work who can't get the benefits they should, and others on scammers – ripping off all of us by getting cash they don't deserve. On Friday, CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas introduced us to a suburban woman experiencing double trouble.
CBS 2 Investigator Dorothy Tucker Shows How She Protected Her Credit When She Became A Victim Of FraudCBS 2 Investigator Dorothy Tucker has covered all kinds of consumer scams over the years, but now she has become a victim of fraud. 
IDES Fraud Continues To Run Rampant, Frustrating People Who Were Scammed"You are not allowed to call again because it blocks you from leaving another message."
Small Business Says State Of Illinois Did Nothing To Stop Fraudsters From Taking $37,000 In Unemployment In Its Staffers' NamesOn Friday night, new accusations surfaced saying the state did nothing to stop tens of thousands of dollars in unemployment fraud targeting a single small business.
Illinoisans Are Being Ordered To Return Unemployment Overpayments Caused By State's Mistakes; State Rep. Is Seeking To Stop It From HappeningLegislation would prevent IDES from going after people when the overpayment issue is the state's fault.
Can Illinois Unemployment System Handle Another Surge, Especially With Some People Already Left High And Dry, And Desperate, For Months?Gov. JB Pritzker said the state’s unemployment system is working better than before. But can it handle another spike in claims – especially when more than 100,000 people who filed over the past seven months are still waiting?
Documents Shed Light On Some Of The Problems With The Illinois Department Of Employment Security Callback SystemWe continue to hear from people who are desperate for help, but who are just stuck waiting for a callback from the state’s unemployment office – in one case for six weeks.
New Government Report Highlights Scope Of Unemployment Fraud In IllinoisThe report flags Illinois as one of the states having big problems with unemployment fraud, specifically stating Illinois is one of the states that could have done more earlier to verify identities.
Funeral Home Owner Says Hard Credit Check Followed Fraudulent Illinois Unemployment ClaimDealing with unemployment fraud is already a major headache, but having that fraud possibly affect your credit score?
Transgender Woman Says Illinois Is Denying Her Unemployment Benefits Because Of Name ChangeA transgender veteran is fighting a battle to get unemployment benefits, saying her transition is keeping her from getting any money.
Laid Off Workers Continue Having Difficulty Getting Unemployment BenefitsFor more than six months there has been an ongoing headache for those calling the State of Illinois multiple times for help with unemployment benefits.