One-On-One With Gov. JB Pritzker: Reopening Unemployment Offices, A Vaccine Lottery, And The Governor's Future Political PlansIllinois Gov. JB Pritzker said Thursday that he feels good about the direction in which the state is heading, on many levels.
Illinois One Of The Worst States For Promptly Paying Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Benefits, Study FindsA new U.S. Department of Labor Office of Inspector General audit found that in Illinois it took an average of 48 days to initially pay claimants.
Illinois House Passes Resolution Citing CBS 2 Reporting In Calling For Reopening Of State Unemployment OfficesCBS 2 reporting has helped prompt calls for change at Illinois state unemployment offices.
Over 17,000 Unemployment Claims Filed In Illinois Last Week Amid COVID-19 PandemicIllinois’ estimated claims are among 444,000total claims filed across the country last week.
Two Women Who Told CBS 2 About Agonizing Waits With IDES Now Have Unemployment Benefits, And Tips If You're Still WaitingAfter doing hundreds of stories on people's agonizing waits for benefits through the Illinois Department of Employment Security, we found two success stories Thursday.
Gov. Pritzker Says Illinois Unemployment Offices Will Be Opening In The SummerOnly days after expressing concerns about the safety of unlocking office doors at the Illinois Department of Employment Security, Gov. JB Pritzker on Wednesday confirmed a timeline for reopening that CBS 2 first reported two months ago.
Why Are Illinois Unemployment Offices Still Closed, And When Will They Reopen? Gov. Pritzker Cites Security ConcernsWith Illinois set to fully reopen in a month, will unemployment offices finally be opening too?
Illinois Can Take A Year To Repay Unemployment Benefits To Residents, According To New Federal RulesIf the state made a mistake and started taking money from your unemployment benefits to make up for it, the federal government says they have up to a year to pay that money back.
Illinois Unemployment Offices Have Been Closed For More Than A Year; State Lawmakers Introduce Resolution Calling For Their Immediate ReopeningIllinois Secretary of State’s office facilities, courts, and utility offices are all open now – but our unemployment offices that many still desperately need remain closed.
Federal Rescue Plan Is Supposed To Keep Unemployment Benefits Going, But Many Say They're Being Held Up In IllinoisMore than one year into the coronavirus pandemic, a very real struggle persists for many people in Illinois as the job crisis continues to grow.
After Talking To IDES More Than 40 Times And Not Getting Answers, Suburban Man's Issues With Unemployment Benefits Issues Are Resolved Following CBS 2 ReportRobert Rybaltowski was going through an unbelievable struggle to get his unemployment benefits back.
Man Lost Everything As He Waited On Callback From Illinois Department Of Employment Security That Never CameA man lost his home, car, and everything waiting on a call from the Illinois Department of Employment Security - a call that never came.
Suburban Man Says Unlike Others, He's Had Plenty Of Contact With IDES -- But It's Been Of No HelpA suburban man said unlike many others, he has gotten through many times to the Illinois Department of Employment Security – but it has ultimately been of no help.
State Rep. Calls Foul Over IDES Having Claimants Fill Out Paperwork To Waive Demand To Return Overpaid BenefitsThousands of jobless Illinoisans are being ordered to pay up for an overpayment mistake by the Illinois Department of Employment Security.
Victims Of Unemployment Scam Told By IDES To Pay Back Money They Never Received Or It Will Be Taken From Their Tax ReturnsThe victims of fraudsters using the identity of strangers to get their hands on IDES money are now being told their state tax refunds will be withheld if they don't return money they never even received.