Voter Registration Error Risks Deportation For ImmigrantsA decade and a half after mistakenly accepting an offer to register her to vote, Peruvian immigrant Margarita Del Pilar Fitzpatrick struggles to find work at 52, is nearly homeless and hasn't seen her three American citizen daughters in years because of a secretary of state's office mishap.
Gov. JB Pritzker Has No Plans To Pause Automatic Voter Registrations After 'Glitch' Led To Hundreds Of Non-Citizens Being Registered“The glitch that was found by the Secretary of State’s office, and that was investigated, has been overcome, it appears,” Pritzker said at a Chicago news conference to discuss election security.
Illinois Assesses Damage From Mistaken Voter RegistrationsThe data of 574 people who self-identified as noncitizens was mistakenly forwarded to elections officials to be registered to vote.
Illinois Secretary Of State: Don't Drive While HighIf a person is pulled over for driving high, they will receive a DUI.
Hush-Hush Alternative To The Lines At Illinois Driver Services Offices; Why Doesn't The State Advertise Mobile Units?“Is it helpful if nobody knows about it?” Loretta Conroy said. “There aren’t words for how frustrating this is.”
Blackhawks 'INJN' License Plate To Be RevokedIt hearkens back to a time when white actors played Native Americans in movies, when Native Americans were targets of ridicule.
Renewing Your License Plate Sticker Online? Make Sure You Use The Right WebsiteIf you have a car, you have to renew the registration every year, and a lot of people do it online, including some people who get scammed in the process.
Secretary Of State: Slow Down As Kids Hit The Streets For HalloweenResearch published by Canadian researchers found that there's a 43 percent higher risk of pedestrian deaths on Halloween night than on other nights near that date.
Illinois To Impose Tougher Penalty For Texting While DrivingStarting July 1, 2019, drivers caught texting will be issued a moving violation that will go on their driving record.
Graduated License Program Credited With Lowering Driving FatalitiesIt's National Teen Driver Safety Week and driving teen fatalities are down 51 percent, according to Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.
Woman Claims DMV Examiner Assaulted Her During Driving TestA 32-year-old woman claims she was sexually assaulted by a Secretary of State’s employee while taking her road test during a driving exam at a Department of Motor Vehicles branch on the South Side.
Illinois Launches License Plate Replacement Program After Rusting IssueSecretary of State Jesse White announced Tuesday the launch of a license plate replacement program beginning in January to replace the oldest license plates with newly designed plates.
Budget Impasse Puts Secretary of State’s Handicap Placards Sting On HoldIt's become the latest victim of the budget stalemate. The Illinois secretary of state's office says it will not be conducting its annual holiday handicapped placard sting because the money isn't there.
Defective Illinois License Plates Still On The Road A Decade After Problem DiscoveredThe Illinois Secretary of State's office identified the manufacturer's problem with the reflective coating in January of 2004.
Secretary Of State Jesse White Won't Run For Sixth TermHe’s said it before, but Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White said he means it this time: he won’t be running for another term.