Caravan of 'Grannies' Heads To U.S.-Mexico Border Protesting Family SeparationsThe group says they are deliberately visiting places where people aren't talking about the issue of immigration and family separations.
Senator Durbin Calls On Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen To Resign Over Migrant Family SeparationsCalling the Trump administration’s policy a “humanitarian disaster,” Durbin said someone must be held responsible for separating children from their parents.
Mirror Replaces Jesus In A Cage At Indiana Church's Protest Of Immigration PolicyFor almost a month, an Indianapolis church put a caged Holy Family on its lawn to protest US immigration policies. Now, the display looks a little different.
Feds: 711 Separated Migrant Children Ineligible For ReunificationsThe Trump administration struggled to meet a court-imposed deadline Thursday for reuniting immigrant children and their parents. Nearly 2,600 children ages 5 years and older were separated at the U.S.-Mexico border.
Migrant Reunification Deadline Arrives, But Hundreds Will Remain SeparatedThe federal judge who ordered that separated families be reunited commended the government’s progress so far, with more than 1,000 families reunited.
Over 900 Separated Migrant Families Probably Won't Be Reunited By DeadlineAfter months of outcry over splitting apart migrant families at the border, the US government has just one more day to reunite all eligible families that it separated.
Migrants Describe Frigid, Hungry Days In 'Ice Boxes' And 'Dog Pounds'Their testimonies speak of food "not fit for consumption," overcrowding and abuse.
Aldermen Question Heartland Alliance About Migrant Child Abuse ClaimsRepresentatives of a shelter housing migrant children separated from their parents at the border were facing tough questions from Chicago aldermen on Monday, amid allegations of abuse at the facility.
Trump Administration To Turn Away Far More Asylum Seekers At The Border Under New GuidanceUnder new guidance, asylum claims based on fear of gang and domestic violence will be immediately rejected.
Blacks Are No Longer America's Most Economically Divided Racial GroupThe widening gap between rich and poor Asians is due to a number of factors, with immigration playing a key role.
Trump Administration Claims It 'Completed' First Migrant Family ReunificationsThe Trump administration said Thursday it had reunited the bulk of the youngest migrant children separated from their parents at the border, but dozens still remain ineligible for reunification.
As Deadline Nears, Feds Don't Know How They'll Reunite Brazilian Boys With DadsWith one day left on a 72-hour deadline to reunite two Brazilian boys with their fathers, it’s still unclear exactly how the Trump administration will comply a federal judge’s order.
Migrants Describe Hunger And Solitary Confinement At For-Profit Detention CenterThe 40-year-old mother found herself in solitary confinement, locked in a cell behind a steel door for 23 hours a day, according to her legal filing and attorney.
Judge Orders Brazilian Boys Reunited With FathersA federal judge will hold a hearing Wednesday regarding two Brazilian boys held in Chicago for more than six weeks, after ordering them reunited with their fathers by Thursday afternoon.
Lucky Few Migrant Families To Be Reunited TuesdayA few dozen immigrant families are expected to be reunited by a court deadline Tuesday, as the fates of thousands more remain in limbo.