Lake County Indiana Income Tax Passes In a stunning reversal, commissioners in Lake County, Ind., failed to veto a planned 1.5 percent income tax for county residents.
Plenty Of Changes For Tax Filers This YearExperts recommend using some type of guidance to navigate forms and maximize your returns.
What To Do If You Owe Taxes But Can't PaySo you've prepared your tax return and found that you owe. What should you do if you can't pay?
As The Tax Man Cometh, Tips For Getting ReadyThe IRS expects 75 percent of all 2012 returns will get a refund, so if you haven't started preparing your taxes yet, do it.
Owe A Fine? City May Target Tax Refunds To Pay ThemThe City of Chicago is targeting state tax returns to recoup some of the millions of dollars in unpaid parking and red-light camera tickets.
Mayor Upset City Taxpayers Had To Help Foot Bill For Stadium RenovationsMayor Rahm Emanuel is expressing concern after the city had to make up a $1.1 million dollar shortfall in tax revenue for renovations at U.S. Cellular Field and Soldier Field.
Tax Deadline Just A Week AwayWith just one week to go until the deadline, the Internal Revenue Service is still waiting for about a third of Illinois taxpayers to file their returns.
Edgar: Tax Hike Was Only First StepWhile many of his fellow Republicans are denouncing the hastily-passed Illinois state income tax increase, former governor Jim Edgar supports it.
Indiana Groups Work To Lure Business From Illinois Economic development groups in northwest Indiana are taking steps to recruit businesses from Illinois including an advertising campaign highlighting the area's transportation infrastructure, proximity to Chicago, work force and facilities.
Worker's Comp Reform Could Delay BorrowingLawmakers left two big pieces of unfinished business when they went home after voting to raise income taxes. One would make Ill. a less expensive place to do business, and the other would get billions of dollars into charities and companies struggling to survive.
Some Think Income Tax Hike Was Right MoveThey’re out there, but they’re not very loud – people who actually think Illinois lawmakers are doing the right thing by raising income taxes.
Blagojevich Angry About Income Tax HikeThe state's 66 percent income tax hike has irked a number of people, including former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.
Illinois Lawmakers Approve 66% Tax HikeBy a single vote, Illinois lawmakers approved a 66 percent increase to the personal income tax, and soon, your paycheck will be shrinking.
Senate Begins Debate On Major Tax IncreaseThe Illinois Senate has begun debating a major tax increase as Democratic leaders fight the clock and reluctant lawmakers.
Clock Ticking On Tax Hike ProposalThe clock is ticking on Democrats’ tax hike in Springfield, and legislative leaders are now dialing back the proposal to win more votes before the deadline on Wednesday.