Indianapolis Area Sees Single Biggest One Day Increase In COVID-19 CasesThe Indianapolis area saw its highest ever daily increase in COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, while the statewide numbers rose to 21,870 cases and 1,264 deaths. 
Indiana Coronavirus Deaths Near 1,000 As State's Stay At Home Order Due To Expire FridayThe total number of deaths from COVID-19 in Indiana neared 1,000 people on Wednesday, and that number does not include101 people who doctors believe died because they had symptoms but were never tested. 
Indiana Coronavirus Deaths Reach 844, With 70 COVID-19 Fatalities In Lake CountyLake County, Ind., has now reported 70 deaths in the past month from COVID-19, according to state health department data. 
Indiana Coronavirus Deaths Rise To 741; Separately, State Will Add 79 More Fatalities Of Untested Patients Who Doctors Believe Had COVID-19
Indiana Coronavirus Deaths Rise To 661 Statewide, Including 57 In Lake CountyThe number of COVID-19 deaths in Indiana rose to 661, with about 10 percent of those fatalities coming from three counties in Northwest Indiana.
Coronavirus Update: Deaths From COVID-19 Rise Above 500 In Indiana, Including 42 In Lake County
Indiana Coronavirus Deaths In Lake County Rise To 31; Statewide COVID-19 Death Toll Approaching 400The number of COVID-19 cases and deaths continued to rise in Lake County, making it, by far, the second-worst area for novel coronavirus infection in the State of Indiana. 
Indiana Coronavirus Deaths Rising, Lake County Second-Worst In State For COVID-19A total of 30 Hoosiers across three counties in Northwest Indiana have now died of COVID-19, according to data from state health officials
Coronavirus In Indiana: Deaths From COVID-19 In Lake County Rise To 19, With 245 Across StateThe number of coronavirus infections and fatalities in Lake County, Ind., continued to rise, with state health officials now reporting 19 deaths and 525 cases of COVID-19.
Indiana Coronavirus Deaths Now Over 200, With 12 In Lake CountyThe number of Hoosiers who have died from COVID-19 reached 203.
Coronavirus In Indiana: 34 More Hoosiers Die From COVID-19, Raises Statewide Toll to 173The novel coronavirus claimed the lives of 34 more Hoosiers, rasing the state's death toll to 173, state health officials reported on Tuesday.