Gun Charge Dropped Against Kyle Rittenhouse; CBS 2 Legal Analyst Irv Miller Says Prosecutors Handled Charge Very PoorlyKenosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder on Monday dropped a charge related to the gun in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. As CBS 2’s Chris Tye reported, the reason has to do with the gun’s barrel.
Judge Bruce Schroeder Repeatedly Scolds Prosecutor In Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: 'It's Not A Good Day For The Prosecutor,' Legal Analyst Irv Miller SaysKenosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder did not hold back during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial on Wednesday – scolding the prosecutor trying the case several times.
Cook County Prosecutors Have Declined Felony Charges In Schaumburg Stabbing, West Side Shootout, Initially Citing 'Mutual Combat' But Later Revising ReasoningTwo recent Cook County criminal cases – one involving a shootout, the other a deadly stabbing – ended with a similar result of no felony charges at all.
How Did Jamel Danzy, Man Accused Of Buying Gun Later Used In Shooting That Killed CPD Officer Ella French, Get Out Of Jail So Quickly? It's Actually Not Uncommon In Federal CasesA day after the release of Jamel Danzy – the man accused of making a straw purchase to buy the gun later used to kill Chicago Police Officer Ella French – many are questioning how he got of jail so quickly.
New Chicago Heights Park District Board Refusing To Pay $212,000 Buyout To Departing Superintendent, But It May Not Be So SimpleThe fight over a hefty payout for the outgoing Chicago Heights parks superintendent is a story we have been following for weeks, and now it has taken a new turn.
Federal Prosecutors Claim Ald. Ed Burke Made Anti-Semitic Remark, Offer New Details About His Alleged Corruption And Former Ald. Solis' CooperationSecret recordings have been revealed in the case against Ald. Ed Burke (14th).
Legal Analyst Irv Miller: Derek Chauvin Likely To Get Steep Sentence, But Not Maximum; Appeal Is ExpectedCBS 2’s Irika Sargent talked to Legal Analyst Irv Miller – who said while the possible sentence is steep, he does not think Derek Chauvin will get the maximum for the death of George Floyd. Miller also said an appeal is expected.
Edward Brown Gets One Year In Prison For Test-Firing Gun, Starting Chain Of Events Leading To 2 CPD Officers' Deaths In 2018As CBS 2’s Meredith Barack reported, Edward Brown is not facing more time behind bars because of his lack of a criminal record, and because he is not legally responsible for the officers’ deaths.
Man Says He Was Injured And His Car Was Damaged In Crash, But Lawyer Won't Pursue Because Other Driver Was CPD OfficerA man says he was hurt in a crash and his car was badly damaged. He insists it wasn’t his fault. But as CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas reported Friday morning, his lawyer won’t even pursue it, because the other driver was a police officer who would likely be protected from liability.
What Rights Do Workers Have If They Don't Feel Safe Returning To Office After Working From Home?While many wait to get unemployment, there are still people collecting paychecks while working safely from home – and they want to make sure they are just as safe when it’s time to return.
School Food Distribution Center Worker Tested Positive For COVID-19, Some Parents Say They Should've Been Told Patient Worked In CafeteriaThe rights of parents versus the rights of a sick employee – that’s the debate brewing after a worker tested positive for coronavirus while handing out food at a Chicago public school.