Hoge: Beckman's Recruiting Tactics At Odds With Delany's DesiresBeckman confirmed Thursday that he had eight coaches camped out at a State College restaurant outside the Penn State campus Wednesday.
Wisch: Big Ten Makes Right Call On Limiting Delany’s PowerWithout a doubt, the Big Ten’s other schools and their fan bases – along with every college in the country – need to reassess their priorities in the wake of the Penn State disaster.
Big Ten May Give Commish Power To Fire Coaches The Chronicle of Higher Education is reporting that the Big Ten is considering a plan to give its commissioner the power to fire coaches in the wake of the Penn State child sex-abuse scandal.
Hoge: Why The Big Ten Should -- But Likely Won't -- Kick Penn State OutWhile most of the conversation right now is about how the NCAA should punish Penn State, there's a different organization that has been laying low and has the power to take action: the Big Ten.
Big Ten, Pac-12 Suspend Scheduling AgreementThe Big Ten and Pac-12 have scrapped plans to schedule games against each other in all sports, with Pac-12 officials saying there were too many complications with football schedules to pull it off.
Big Ten Still Prefers Plus-One Over PlayoffBig Ten administrators would prefer a plus-one system over a four-team playoff to determine a national champion if the BCS can't be maintained in its current form.
Hoge: With Blind Rose Bowl Loyalty, Big Ten Losing Playoff Battle If the Big Ten athletic directors are any indication, they are going to find a way to mess this up.
Ten Foot Mailbag: Passion, Playoffs And Patrick KaneKane is a grown man. Whatever he wants to do he can within the confines of the law and his professional contract.
Greenstein: Big Ten's Plan For A Playoff System Is 'Incredible' It's a debate that has gone nowhere for years: should college football use a playoff system or the bowl system?
Big Ten Open To 4-Team PlayoffConference commissioner Jim Delany has long been pegged as the highest-profile figurehead in opposition to a college football playoff, but it appears the Big Ten is changing its tune.
Hoge: Why Urban Meyer Will Win The Big Ten Civil WarWelcome to college football in 2012, Big Ten. The rest of the country has been waiting for you.
Wisch: Big Ten Should Try Championship Game In ChicagoI offer up this proposal to Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany: If game attendance and ticket demand in Indy doesn’t improve markedly the next few years, the Big Ten should bring its football championship to Chicago’s Soldier Field in 2016.
Paterno's Name Removed From Big Ten TrophyJoe Paterno's name has been removed from the Big Ten's championship game trophy, league commissioner Jim Delany announced Monday.
Wisch: Big Ten Should Scrap ‘Legends’ and ‘Leaders’The Big Ten needs to dump the names. For one thing, more than two months into the season, I can’t even remember which division is which – they sound almost exactly the same – and have to look it up to remind myself every time.
Hoge: If True, Big Ten Should Kick Penn State OutAs far as NCAA scandals go, this is as bad as it gets. It's worse than the worst recruiting violation. It's worse than free tattoos. It's worse than top bowl officials skimming money off the top for themselves.