PAWS Chicago Opening First Permanent Center For Pet Services In EnglewoodIn the Englewood community, there is not a single veterinarian. As CBS 2's Jim Williams reported Wednesday, that's about to change.
New Images, Video Of Man On Bike Suspected In Fulton River District ShootingPolice released new surveillance stills hoping it'll help them catch of the gunman. Officers in SUVs and on bikes at Milwaukee and Lake a day after a gunman on a bike shot a 28-year-old woman.
What Is The Midwest? A New Exhibit Says It's More Than Just Geography"Beneath the heart of every tough guy, of every urban sophisticate in this city, you have the heart of Midwesterner."
Blackhawks 'INJN' License Plate To Be RevokedIt hearkens back to a time when white actors played Native Americans in movies, when Native Americans were targets of ridicule.
Aurora Residents Are Homeless After Being Put Out Of Temporary Housing"These people are treated like they're not humans. And this is not the way it's supposed to be."
Landlords Have Doubts About Cook County Law Intended To Help Ex-Offenders Find HousingA new Cook County law is intended to help ex-offenders find housing, but landlords worry it will make it harder to find good tenants.
Cruz Fires Back At Mayor Lightfoot, Correlates High Murder Rates With Aggressive Gun Control Laws In ChicagoA war of words between Mayor Lori Lightfoot and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) continued on Twitter Tuesday – with Cruz firing back and insisting that the pro-gun rights policy he favors would be a better idea for Chicago.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Faces Tough Choices In Tackling Budget Deficit Up To $1 Billion; 'It’s A Doable Lift, It’s Just Not Going To Be Politically Easy'Facing a budget deficit of up to $1 billion, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is set to begin outlining her plan to dig out of the massive hole at her “state of the city” address Thursday night.
Sour News For Kankakee Lemonade Stand: New Water, Sewer Bills For Nearly $1,000"Why didn't they say all this in the beginning when everybody was trying to help me? And how am I going to do this now?"
South Side Sexual Assaults Scare Residents; 'I Probably Won't Keep The Same Late Hours'In all but one sexual assault, the attacker had a gun. The assailant used a knife in the other. Police believe one man, described as in his 20s, is responsible.
Chicago Teachers Union Rejects Contract Recommendation, 'This Is A Union That's Prepared To Strike'The Chicago Teachers Union has rejected an independent fact finder’s contract recommendation, setting up a possible strike if they cannot reach a deal with the Chicago Public Schools.
A Career And An Antidote To Crime"You must be prepared and ready for a change in your life. That's it."
Kankakee Lemonade Stand Is Back In BusinessA member of the Kankakee County Board is proposing a law to that would make it possible for young lemonade stand operators like Hayli to stay in business without going through the local government bureaucracy.
North Lawndale Neighbors Express Fear, Ire After Weekend Mass ShootingOne Chicago block in North Lawndale was trying to make sense Monday of nearly a minute of rapid gunfire that left eight people shot over the weekend.
Kankakee Girl Is Determined After Officials Shut Down Her Lemonade StandCountless children set up lemonade stands at this time of year, but one 11-year-old Kankakee girl has found her stand shut down by local health officials.