Investigator Dedicated To Identifying 7 Unknown Gacy VictimsOn a day of another Gacy answer, CBS 2's Brad Edwards looked at the Gacy questions: the known unknowns.
Family Finally Learns Fate Of NW Side Man Missing Since 1978 The mystery has been unsolved since 1978 and now a Northwest Side family knows the truth about what happened to a 22-year-old man.
VIDEO: The Home, And Basement, Where Gacy Visited His MotherJohn Wayne Gacy was known to have worked inside and around a home where his mom once lived. CBS 2's Mike Puccinelli has exclusive video from inside that building.
Gacy Probe Leads To Break In Unreleated Missing Person's CaseA 41-year-old New Jersey missing person’s case has been solved as a result of an ongoing investigation to identify the unnamed victims of serial killer John Wayne Gacy.
FBI Checking Gacy Travel Records For Links To Unsolved MurdersThe search for more possible victims of serial killer John Wayne Gacy is now in the hands of the FBI.
No Indication Of More Victims Buried At Residence Of Gacy's MotherThe Cook County Sheriff's office says there's no indication that more victims of John Wayne Gacy are buried on Northwest Side property where Gacy's mother lived.
Did Gacy's Spree Go Beyond 33 Victims?For the first time, a sample of John Wayne Gacy's blood has been entered into a nationwide system to see whether Gacy committed more than the 33 murders that authorities know about.
DNA Profile Of John Wayne Gacy Might Crack Old CasesDetectives have begun taking a new tack in their effort to pin cold cases on serial killers like John Wayne Gacy.

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