Jury Awards $5.2 Million To Stanley Wrice, Who Says He Was Beaten Into Rape Confession By Jon Burge's DetectivesA jury on Tuesday awarded $5.2 million to Stanley Wrice, a man who said he was tortured by corrupt Chicago Police detectives into confessing to a brutal rape in 1982.
Former Inmate Stanley Wrice Sues Chicago Claiming Detectives Tortured Him Into ConfessingA man imprisoned for over 30 years is fighting for closure.
Judge Throws Out Ruling Granting New Trial For Gerald Reed, Who Claims He Was Tortured Into False Confession To Double Murder“I never would have thought that this judge would do what he did today,” said Reed's mother, Amanda Shackleford.
Judge Denies New Trial To Man Who Claims He Was Tortured By Jon Burge's DetectivesA judge has denied a new trial to a man who claims he was tortured into a murder confession by Chicago Police detectives.
Another Burge Victim To File A Civil LawsuitAs of now, the total payout to Burge victims is more than 100 million dollars.
Prosecutors Drop Double Murder Charges Against James Gibson In Burge-Related Torture CaseOne month after an appeals court ordered a new trial for 53-year-old James Gibson in the 1989 murders of two men, based on evidence he was tortured into confessing, prosecutors have dropped charges, but insist he was not wrongfully convicted.
Innocence Project Founder Seeks 'Conviction Integrity Unit'Conviction integrity units have sprung up recently in major metropolitan jurisdictions such as Dallas, New York, and Chicago. But a statewide team in Illinois would be a first nationally.
Lawsuit Alleges Chicago Officers Beat Confession Out Of 15-Year-Old In The 1990sA federal lawsuit alleges deceased former Chicago police Cmdr. Jon Burge beat a 15-year-old and held him for hours without food or water until he falsely confessed to acting as a lookout in a 1991 murder. 
New Trial Granted For Convicted Murderer Allegedly Tortured by Jon BurgeA prison inmate serving a life sentence for murder has been granted a new trial after an appellate court determined Chicago police tortured him into implicating himself in the 1989 slayings of two men.
Chicago Poised To Pay $5.25 Million In Police Torture CaseSmith spent about 20 years in prison for a 1983 slaying before his conviction was dismissed.
Alleged Chicago Police Torture Victim Granted New Trial, But Remains In PrisonA man who has spent the last 28 years in prison will not be released while he awaits a new trial.