Judge Orders Former Mayor Daley To Testify In Police Torture SuitAlonzo Smith alleges that under Burge’s orders detectives kicked him in the groin, beat him with a rubber night stick and repeatedly put a plastic bag over his head to induce a false confession.
Family To Make Plea To Keep Killer Behind Bars A Chicago area family will go before a state commission on Wednesday to try to keep the door to possible freedom closed to a 58-year-old convicted murderer.
Burge Slams Chicago Torture PayoutsThe Chicago Sun-Times reports former police commander Jon Burge confirms he told a blogger he has trouble believing city leaders would even contemplate giving reparations to "human vermin" like the "guilty, vicious criminals" he tried to take off the streets.
Emanuel Signals He Might Consider City Reparations For Police-Torture VictimsCommunity activists and torture victims have been stepping up pressure on the city to approve a $20 million fund for victims of police torture dating back to the 1970s.
Former Police Commander Jon Burge Expected To Be Released From Prison Thursday A former Chicago police commander in federal prison for lying about the torture of suspects by officers under his command is expected to be released Thursday, his lawyer said.
Man Convicted During Burge Era—Then Released—Back Behind BarsA convicted felon who said he was forced to confess to a pair of murders because he was tortured by former Area 2 Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge’s underlings was back behind bars Tuesday for allegedly failing to register as a violent offender.
South Side Man’s Rape Conviction Overturned After Decades In PrisonStanley Wrice has been in prison for 31 years for a brutal, 1982 rape. Tuesday, a Cook County judge granted him a new trial, in part, because he was tortured into making a confession.
Aldermen Want To Set Up $20M Fund For Police Torture VictimsThe city has paid out more than $83 million in settlements to suspects who have claimed they were tortured by detectives under the command of disgraced Cmdr. Jon Burge, but some aldermen are pushing for an ordinance that would provide even more financial aid and other assistance to police torture victims.