Report: Bucs Wanted Gruden, Cowher Over Smith Publicly, the Bucs had their sights set only on Lovie Smith to be their new head coach.
Jon Gruden Has No Interest In Open Coaching JobsHere's a heads up to all NFL general managers and team presidents: Stop firing your head coach with the hopes of hiring Jon Gruden.
Bernstein: Trestman A PuzzleI have no clue what the deal is with Marc Trestman, but I’ve decided I’m going to try to enjoy it.
Silverman: Brown’s Laughable Assertion May End Up Keeping Him Out Of Hall Tim Brown had one chance to win a Super Bowl in his career with the Oakland Raiders.
Report: Gruden To Interview For Open NFL JobsAccording to a report, former NFL head coach and current ESPN Monday Night Football broadcaster Jon Gruden will interview with some NFL teams in search of a head coaching position.
Bernstein: Is Nature To Blame For Bears' Flop?It’s been a while since we’ve had an “everybody sucks” game.
Bernstein: Now Here's A Real DebateGood evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the inaugural Presidential Quarterback Debate, sponsored by Citizens for Better Football.
Listen: Jon Gruden Excessively Praises Tony RomoJon Gruden at his finest, ladies and gentleman.
Silverman: Monday Night Broadcast Booth Will Remain MiserableThe network acknowledged its shortcomings when it reassigned… ahem… Ron Jaworski and took him out of the booth.
Jaworski Off Monday Night Football BroadcastsThe former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has signed a five-year extension with the network that includes more studio work and removes him from the Monday Night Football booth.
Report: Gruden Wants To Coach Again, Could Land In St. LouisESPN Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden is ready to return to coaching, confirmed.