Jon Stewart Leaving 'The Daily Show'Jon Stewart will be stepping down from his post as anchor of “The Daily Show” later this year, Comedy Central announced Tuesday.
Jon Stewart Pokes Fun At Donald Trump-Rahm Emanuel 'Signfeud'Just when all of this indignation over Donald Trump's big sign appeared to be simmering down, enter Jon Stewart.
Jon Stewart Responds To Mayor Emanuel's Response To Jon Stewart's Rant Against Chicago Pizza (Is This Getting Out Of Hand?)A rant about pizza was all it took to seemingly split the country in two -- or so some jokes would have you believe.Jon Stewart, apparently not one to let others beat a joke into the ground, had a response for Mayor Emanuel's gift of Chicago pizza on his Twitter account last night...
Jon Stewart, How Could You? 'The Daily Show' Insults Chicago PizzaJohn Stewart, angered by Chicago's response to the decision to declare One World Trade Center the tallest building in the U.S. over Willis Tower, said some unsavory things about Chicago's famous deep dish pizza.
Democratic Millionaires Spew Hate On The RichThe most ridiculously annoying aspect of the Democratic political run for offices in 2012 is the incredibly long line of leftist millionaires who continually spew extreme hate and venom on the wealthy. Beyond having to “share the wealth”, now Democrats are saying it’s “never get the wealth”.
Organizer: Chicago 'Sanity' Rally Will Go OnA Chicago woman says she plans to host a local “Rally to Restore Sanity” in Grant Park, despite being denied a permit by the City of Chicago.
Chicago 'Sanity' Rally Runs Into SnagsAs the founder of Chicago's storefront theater Chemically Imbalanced Comedy, Angie McMahon knows what it's like to stage a production. She had no idea, however, what a production her most recent production would truly be. And it's been far from a laugh riot.
Comedian Aaron Freeman To Host Chicago 'Sanity' RallyAs Jon Stewart hosts his “Rally to Restore Sanity” in Washington, D.C., Oct. 30, Chicago comedian and radio commentator Aaron Freeman will host satellite event in Chicago’s Grant Park.