Baffoe: The Doomsday Scenario Of LoviefestThe Bears' season can't get worse, right? Oh yes it can.
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Cutler Sees Calm In Bears Huddle As Opener Awaits"We've worked together," Jay Cutler says. "Everyone has a good feel."
Baffoe: Bears No. 2 QB Situation Is Mighty UnsettlingThe sight of Jimmy Clausen or Jordan Palmer can only strike fear in Bears fans.
Baffoe: The Absolutely Most Important Things To Pay Attention To In Bears CampForget X's and O's. Are Trestman and Emery robots? And what happens without Mannelly?
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Hoge: Jordan Mills Started Week 17 Against Packers With Broken FootAlong with Josh McCown, Jordan Mills was named a Brian Piccolo Award winner Tuesday.
McCown, Mills Named Bears' Piccolo Award WinnersThe award is given to those who best exemplify the courage, loyalty and dedication of the late Brian Piccolo.