Lindholm: A Bears Post MortemThe Bears-Packers game had something for everyone going into the game.
Hoge’s 2013 Eulogy: Start Of Something Special For Bears?The mood at Halas Hall on Monday was not as gloomy as one might think.
Baffoe: Let’s Mock People Blaming Jay CutlerJay Cutler could cure cancer and would still not win people over because of his lack of warmth and fuzziness.
Hoge: Packers Are Fair Measuring Stick For Trestman-Cutler TandemOne win. Seven losses. Eight touchdowns. Seventeen interceptions.
Bernstein: Bears-Packers Big, But Don't Get CrazyIt’s not a movie, it’s a football game. And it’s one between two mediocre teams.
Baffoe: Who’s Been Naughty And Nice In Chicago Sports This Year?Ho, ho, ho! Baffoe Claus here. I’m way better than Ditka Claus because I don’t smell like cigars, I haven’t been compromised by endorsement commitments (yet), and children are genuinely happy when I show up to their homes bearing gifts (pizza is the greatest gift of all; wine for children, not so much).
Silverman: Trestman Must Show He Is More Than Quarterback WhispererTrestman has to motivate his team this week, especially after the 54-11 debacle against the Eagles.
Joniak's Journal: Bears Have New Life The month of December pumped new life into several teams including the Bears, setting up important games in the final two weeks of the regular season.
Emery: No Dissension In Bears' Locker Room A weekend report from FOX Sports' Jay Glazer insinuated that many inside the Bears' locker room were unhappy with the decision to start Jay Cutler over Josh McCown in Sunday's win.
Hoge: McCown’s Contract Was Logical, Not FoolishDon’t you think there’s a good reason why the Bears didn’t give McCown that extra dollar?
5 Things To Know After Bears Beat Browns 38-31Before he returned to the field, Jay Cutler had to make sure his teammates wanted him back.
Lindholm: Bears Started The Right Quarterback Unless Cutler gets hurt again, Josh McCown's season is over--and it should be, because Jay Cutler is the better quarterback who gives the Bears the best chance of winning.
Bernstein: Cutler Survives Public Opinion WhipsawIt was over, all of it. Twitter said so.
Hoge: With Franchise Behind Him, Cutler DeliversAs multiple reports went public about teammates privately not supporting him, Jay Cutler took the field at First Energy Stadium with the weight of a franchise on his powerful right arm.
Baffoe: You’re Going To Hate-Watch Jay Cutler On SundayThe absolute undeniable fact that Cutler is the better quarterback and athlete than McCown is one thing, but you need to feel good, dontcha?