Kenosha Shooter's Defense Portrays Him As 'American Patriot'Some legal experts say there are risks in turning a fairly straightforward self-defense case into a sweeping political argument that could play into a stereotype that he is a gun-crazed militia member out to start a revolution.
Gaige Grosskreutz, Sole Survivor Of Kenosha Shootings Says He's Still In Constant Pain; 'Both In My Arm, In My Heart'Gaige Grosskreutz said he relives the shooting every day. "That's all I think about," he told CNN in an exclusive interview. "I play it back in my head, I think about it all the time."
President Trump Falsely Takes Credit For 'Immediately' Ending Violence In Kenosha By Sending In National GuardMr. Trump also said his administration will provide $1 million to the Kenosha Police Department, $4 million to support small businesses damaged during the civil unrest of the past week, and $42 million to support public safety statewide in Wisconsin.
Kenosha Shooting: Mayor Says 'Timing Is Wrong' For President Trump's Visit"I think that Kenosha at this present time needs peace, and needs to heal, and needs people to allow us to do that."
'I Tried So Hard To Bring Him Back': Woman Who Tried To Save Kenosha Shooting VictimA military veteran tried to save one of the shooting victims in Kenosha in his final moments but says there was nothing she could do to save him. 
Kenosha Shooting: What The Law Says About MilitiasWhat are militias allowed to do? And what lines were crossed in the confusing and deadly night that led to Kyle Rittenhouse facing murder charges and potentially life in prison?
Kenosha Shooting: Blake No Longer Handcuffed To Hospital Bed, Rittenhouse Still In CustodyHe called his son's hospital restraint overkill, four days after Kenosha police officer Rusten Sheskey shot Blake seven times in the back during an arrest attempt outside an apartment building, and four days into being under guard by an outside law enforcement officer.
LIVE UPDATES: Extradition Delayed For Kyle Rittenhouse In Kenosha Shooting; Wisconsin DOJ Names 2 Other Officers Involved In Jacob Blake ShootingThe Wisconsin Department Of Justice released the names of two other Kenosha police officers who were involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake.
Kenosha Shooting: Girlfriend Of Victim Anthony Huber Speaks Out About Suspect Kyle RittenhouseProtests remained peaceful in Kenosha for a second night Thursday, and on Friday morning, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse will appear in court in Lake County, Illinois.
LIVE UPDATES: Protests Continue In Kenosha; Complaint Issued Against Kyle RittenhouseWednesday night’s protests were much calmer than those that filled the streets in Kenosha earlier this week. As of early Thursday, there were no groups patrolling with long guns as there were during previous nights of protests of Jacob Blake’s shooting.
Criminal Complaint Against Kyle Rittenhouse Details Prosecutors' Version Of Events In Kenosha Shooting That Killed 2, Wounded 1A criminal complaint issued Thursday detailed what prosecutors said was the chain of events when Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, shot and killed two people and wounded a third during civil unrest in the streets of Kenosha this week.