Representatives For All 32 Teams Set To Meet Outside ChicagoLast time a group of NFL owners met in a suburb outside of Chicago, it was during a secret meeting with representatives for the players as the two sides worked at completing a new collective bargaining agreement.
NBA Labor Talks Progressing, Lockout Could Still HappenSo far in the NBA finals, television numbers have been skyrocketing, as was the case around the league for much of the season. ABC and ESPN had record viewership numbers all season for NBA telecasts.
NFL Sees Signs Fans Are Turned Off By LockoutTen weeks into the NFL Lockout and the league is saying that it's already seeing the negative repercussions from the bitter labor dispute with the players.
NBA Players' Association Files Unfair Labor Charge Against LeagueThe NFL is already in the midst of labor negotiations that forced a work stoppage and could potentially threaten the season. On Tuesday, the NBA players' association made a move to help prevent some of that from happening in their league.
Other Pro Sports Unions Side With NFLPAThe unions for hockey, baseball and basketball are siding with the players in the NFL lockout court battle, saying the league's lockout should be lifted.
Nonprofit Group Asks Judge To End NFL LockoutA nonprofit group that has been fighting sport work stoppages has weighed in on the NFL court battle, saying ending the lockout is in the best interest of consumers.
NFL Owner: Players' Proposal Could Result In 'Unregulated System'New York Giants co-owner John Mara is warning that the players' strategy in the labor impasse, if successful, would lead to NFL chaos.
Mediation Continues With Lockout Back In PlaceA day after the NFL Lockout was upheld by the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the league's owner players and the legal teams returned to court for another mediation session.