Chicago Renters, Landlords Urged To Talk During COVID-19 Crisis 'Not The Time To Be Adversarial'"The key thing here is no one should lose their home whether it’s a small time owner-occupied property, we don’t want that property owner to lose their home. But we don’t want the tenants to lose their homes either."
Illinois State Law Makes It Difficult For Landlords To Evict SquattersA landlord’s biggest nightmare is finding a squatter in their property, because it the State of Illinois it doesn’t matter how the person got in – landlords have to go to court to get them out.
'They Stood Up For Me,' Landlords Brought To Court After Leaving Residents Without HeatSome Chicago landlords left residents without heat during the two coldest days in the city’s history. On Friday, they were brought to court.
Tenants Left In Cold By Landlords Who Don't Provide Sufficient HeatDemetrius Stewart says his apartment hasn't had sufficient heat since December, but it's been almost unbearable this week.
Stakes High At Chicago's 'Heat Court' During Bitter ColdThe City of Chicago is taking court action against landlords and building owners for failing to provide enough heat or hot water in this frigid weather.
Alderman, Activists: Property Tax Hike Will Hurt Chicago RentersA freshman alderman has joined community groups in predicting Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposed property tax increase would create a crisis in affordable rental housing.
City Publishes List Of "Problem Landlords"Four months after four children died in a house fire in Roseland, city officials were cracking down on landlords who routinely violate Chicago building codes.
Aldermen Approve Crackdown On Scofflaw LandlordsAmong other things, the Chicago City Council on Wednesday is expected to approve an ordinance aimed at protecting the tenants of apartment buildings whose landlords chronically fail to address serious building code violations.
Bedbugs Ordinance Stalls In City CouncilCity Law Department Senior Counsel Rose Kelly says the proposed ordinance means for both tenants and landlords to act quickly if there is an infestation of bedbugs in an apartment.
Rogers Park Tenants Say Landlords Neglecting Rodent, Bug InfestationsTenants of a Rogers Park apartment building claim their landlords are neglecting bug and rodent problems to try and drive them out, in hope of bringing in new tenants who can afford higher rent.