Suburban Landlord Says Extended Illinois Eviction Moratorium Means His Hands Are Tied As Some Tenants Refuse To PayIllinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker extended the eviction moratorium for another 30 days earlier this month.
Gov. JB Pritzker To Extend Illinois Eviction Moratorium For Another 30 DaysPritzker said he’s also looking at how the state might adjust that moratorium, depending on how much federal aid the state might get from the COVID-19 relief legislation currently being debated in Congress.
Landlord Says She Has Not Received Rent On House She Owns In Over A Year, And Moratorium Is Tying Her UpThe moratorium on evictions is meant to protect people from losing everything during the pandemic. But CBS 2’s Tara Molina found one landlord who has not received rent in more than a year.
CDC Rules Regarding COVID-19 Postpone Some Evictions"We're all in a pandemic right together. So I'm looking to help my fellow man, but I'm also looking to keep my head above water while this is happening because I have a family to feed as well."
'We Just Got 2020'd': Seashell Restaurant Got Slammed By COVID-19, Was Looted, Then Damaged In Wind Storm"I’ve been in the business for almost 17 years now,” Seashell Restaurant owner Mike Albanna said. “I’ve never had this kind of situation.”
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Introduces Plan To Give Tenants More Notice When Leases Won't Be RenewedThe measure would require landlords to provide 90 days notice to tenants who have lived in their units for more than 6 months before terminating or deciding not to renew their lease.
Landlords And Tenants Seek Relief From Congress In Next COVID-19 Aid PackageRent and mortgage relief; that's what brought landlords and tenants together for a virtual town hall meeting Monday morning as families in Illinois get ready for another month without enough income to pay bills.
The Rent Is Due Soon, But Can All Tenants Affected By COVID-19 Afford To Pay?
Mayor Lightfoot, Landlords Have Doubts About Alderman's Proposal To Defer RentAnother dismal unemployment report is expected on Thursday amid this coronavirus crisis.
Chicago Renters, Landlords Urged To Talk During COVID-19 Crisis 'Not The Time To Be Adversarial'"The key thing here is no one should lose their home whether it’s a small time owner-occupied property, we don’t want that property owner to lose their home. But we don’t want the tenants to lose their homes either."
Illinois State Law Makes It Difficult For Landlords To Evict SquattersA landlord’s biggest nightmare is finding a squatter in their property, because it the State of Illinois it doesn’t matter how the person got in – landlords have to go to court to get them out.