How Does Soap Destroy Viruses? A Scientific ExplanationYou’re already well familiar with this admonition, of course: wash your hands – it’s the best defense against COVID-19.
With Ridership Down 82% During Coronavirus Pandemic, Why Is CTA Running On Normal Schedule?The Chicago Transit Authority told CBS 2 that overall ridership is down 82 percent – a drop from 68 percent overall ridership two weeks ago – in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
Richards-Wilcox Factory In Aurora Manufacturing Hundreds Of Emergency Beds For COVID-19 ResponseWith a little tweaking, machines used to make shelving units are now churning out the place coronavirus patients will rest their heads across the country.
Chicago's Dr. Arwady On Stay At Home Order: 'It's Quite Possible That It Would Be Extended'"The stay at home order is the most important tool that we have. I think it's quite possible that it would be extended."
With Most College Students Home From School During Coronavirus Outbreak, How Should They Fill Out Census Forms?Another unintended consequence of the coronavirus pandemic is that college towns could take a financial hit for the next decade, because the 2020 Census is underway.
Couple Back In Chicago After World Trip Turned Terrifying With Coronavirus Crisis Setting InIt sounds like something dreamed up by the producers of “The Amazing Race” – a young couple rents out their place to jet set around the world, and then a pandemic hits.
Mental Health Providers Turn To Telemedicine During COVID-19 Crisis, But Will Insurance Cover It?“It is new for us, so some of those challenges we’re still trying to mitigate,” said Dr. Caitlin Simpson, director of clinical operations for Footprints to Recovery.
How Condo, Apartment Building Managers Are Keeping Residents Healthy During Coronavirus PandemicMonday morning blues has a whole new meaning in this age of coronavirus – for many, it is another week of working from home.
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Teaching Kids At Home While Learning Lessons In Self Care Under COVID-19 Concerns"Our children are going to pick up on our energy. So we will be more effective as parents when we can find ways to calm ourselves first."