Google Customer Service Nightmare: More Than 50 Emails To Get Tech Giant To Fix Pixel Phone BlunderCBS 2 Morning Insider Lauren Victory investigates an outrageous battle for a customer trying to return a broken Pixel cell phone.
After Their Puppy Died Of Parvo, Despite Getting Vaccine, Orland Park Family Urges Other Dog Owners To Get Titer Tests“You vaccinate your dog, and you shouldn’t have to worry about it, right?” Laura McKeown said.
Photo Shows Shocking Example Of Danger Of People Getting Onto CTA TracksPeople end up on CTA train tracks almost every day. And CBS 2’s Lauren Victory had a stark example of the danger on Wednesday – in the form of a photo of two people strolling where they should not be.
More Than 300 Thefts At Two XSport Fitness Gyms Since 2016, Some Recent Thefts Bear Striking SimilaritiesMarc Donahue and Nick Raschke shared similar tales of falling victim to thieves on their first day working out at different gyms owned by XSport Fitness.
Cook County Jail Program Helping Prevent Opioid Overdose Deaths By Providing Released Inmates With NaloxoneAn ongoing Cook County Jail program has saved more than 100 lives, by providing inmates with Naloxone kits, to prevent opioid overdose deaths after those detainees are released.
Hawthorn Woods Homeowners Left Shocked, Confused By Surprise Sewer BillsHomeowners in a new development contacted the CBS 2 Morning Insiders after they assumed their monthly costs included sewer charges – and they did not.
Woman Wins Judgment After Contractor Stopped Work, But Can't CollectWho doesn’t have a home renovation horror story? Susan Kuta sure has one.
Illinois Drivers Have Paid $1 Billion In Red Light Camera Tickets In The Last 10 Years"The amount of money is just astonishing," said Austin Berg, director of content strategy for the Illinois Policy Institute, a libertarian think tank.
Where Do Red Light Cameras Nab Drivers The Most?Red light enforcement systems are operating in at least 84 communities across Chicagoland.
Inside An Active Shooter Drill At Thornridge High SchoolThe CBS 2 Morning Insiders recently tagged along in Dolton to see an active shooter drill in a public high school.
After Unexpected Gift, Montford Point Marines Saving Their Once-Endangered Chapter Hall In EnglewoodThe Montford Point Marine Association has been given the go-ahead to start the road to recovery for a deteriorating veterans hall founded by the nation’s first black Marines.