Mouse Problem Returns After West Side Family Pays Exterminator Nearly $600 To Get Rid Of Them; 'Here We Go Again'The owner of Velocity Rodent/Wildlife Control stands by his warranty for repairs, but said it doesn’t guarantee mice aren’t still inside the house.
Cleared By DCFS Four Months Ago, CPS Social Worker Remains On Paid Suspension, Awaiting Fate Of His JobThe Morning Insiders stay on the case of taxpayer money used to pay Chicago Public Schools employees on suspension while under investigation.
Her Conduent Debit Cards Have Been Hacked Three Times; Why Is Illinois Using Company With Bad Reputation To Pay Her?A big fat F: That’s how the Better Business Bureau rates a company repeatedly hired by the state of Illinois to handle some payments.
Driver Caught By Surprise By Riverside's Overnight Parking Ban; Why Aren't There More Signs?La Shere Beason literally spun her wheels gathering evidence as she waits on the results of her fight against a common Chicago area frustration.
New Body Scanners Detect Items Before They're A Threat At Kane County JailAn inmate at the Kane County Jail tried to smuggle a chunk of metal from a broom handle, and it could have been a weapon to attack guards. But new technology is in action to detect such items before they pose a danger.
Doctor Says University Of Chicago Ignored Pleas For Help After Missing Student Loan Payment, So She Turned To The Feds For Help“I reported them to the federal government. Now they’re nice. Now they’re responsive,” Dr. Dionna Lomax said.
Joliet Preservationists Hope Last-Ditch Effort Will Save Casseday Mansion From Demolition, But Chances Appear Slim; 'It's A Done Deal'Preservationists say the Casseday Mansion is historically significant and worth saving, but their David vs. Goliath battle might already be over.
Police Tout Drop In Crime In August, But Celebration Might Be Short-LivedPolice on Sunday were cheering another drop in violent crime – with August having closed out with a 15 percent decrease in overall violent crime compared with August of last year.
East Chicago Police Detective Recalls Going After Walmart Shooting Suspect While Out Shopping“Beyond the call of duty” – that’s how the chief of the East Chicago, Indiana Police described the actions of one of his officers who was with his own wife and kids, but ran toward a shooting inside a Walmart.
Chicago's Code Platoon Trains Veterans Computer Skills To Bolster High-Tech Workforce; 'We Are Really Solving Two Problems At Once'Code Platoon founder Rod Levy initially offered the course only to veterans, but expanded the program to spouses after seeing Department of Defense data about unemployment rates for military wives and husbands.
Man Shot At Hobart, Indiana Walmart A person was shot Sunday afternoon at a Walmart in Hobart, Indiana, police said.