Some Wayward Stimulus Checks Are Now In The Right Hands, But Many People Still Waiting For PaymentsWorking mom Melissa Defries might have to wait until Feb. 1 to get her stimulus check, and her tax preparer is pointing the finger squarely at the IRS.
Markham Woman Furious After She Pays Home Depot Contractor To Build Fence, Gets Caught Up In Red TapeA Markham woman paid in full and was left empty-handed, and now she is furious after a mega-home improvement company left her hanging.
Couple's Dream Home Purchase In Burr Ridge Turns Into 'Ongoing Nightmare' In Fights With HOA, Village OfficialsAnother year without their house; A Chicago couple looking to escape the city's hustle and bustle is making noise in a quiet suburb. They say red tape and much more has ruined their dream home.
Years After Their Loved Ones' Murders In Cicero, Families Still Waiting For Answers From PoliceA new year, a new push by parents in Cicero. They want to know why years – in some cases more than a decade – have gone by without any movement in their sons’ homicide cases. 
Many Are Seeing Their Stimulus Checks Deposited In Wrong AccountsH&R Block is getting flooded with complaints after millions of stimulus checks wound up in the tax preparer’s hands instead of those of their customers. As the company sorts through what happened, we are hearing about other IRS messes too.
Relief May Be In Store For Illinoisans Who Were Ordered To Pay Back Extra Unemployment Money, But Don't Jump For Joy YetIn a double hit to those out of work during the pandemic, the State of Illinois has told some people to give back their unemployment money. On Wednesday, there was possible relief.
Chicago Carjackings Give Rideshare Drivers Pause; 'A Lot Of Drivers Are Just Not Driving At Night'The drivers CBS 2 spoke with are part of the group Gig Workers Matter and said they've heard many instances where those passenger profiles turn out to be fakes.
How Do Experts Envision The Workplace Will Work Once COVID Is No Longer A Concern?Before you get too comfortable with your home setup, experts at job search company Glassdoor predict our March 2020 goodbye to offices is temporary.
Sisters Say Landlord Is A Scrooge For Removing Christmas Decorations; Property Owner Calls Them A Fire HazardTwo sisters say their landlord is being a Scrooge for taking down homemade Christmas decorations, but the property owner said he has warned the duo about displaying their crafts without permission in the past. 
Comedy Club In Northwest Suburbs Withstanding Pandemic With Creativity Classes, Online ImprovCBS 2 Morning Insider Lauren Victory takes us inside comedy that is still alive and well in Chicago's northwest suburbs. 
COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be A Much-Welcome Christmas Gift For Long-Term Care Facility ResidentsFor residents of nursing homes, there's a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a coronavirus vaccine now being distributed across Illinois and the rest of the nation.