As Often As Once A Week, CTA Train Station Elevators Break Down; 'I Think They Do Try. It’s Just A Large, Old System'Some 750,000 people take CTA trains to get around Chicago every weekday, but just getting to the platform often can be a challenge for some riders.
Crumbling Stretch Of Dempster Street Paves Way To Frustration; 'Where’s The Money For This Road?'Lawns, curbs, and medians up and down Dempster Street have been littered with pebbles and large chunks of the crumbling pavement.
Changing Cellular Service Left Chicago Couple With Locked Phones For Months, Until CBS 2 Got InvolvedA Chicago couple was at their wits trying to unlock their phones, forced to endure a months-long runaround after switching cellular carriers.
Long-Stalled Veterans Home In Chicago Expected To Be Finished By End Of The YearAfter 10 years, plans for a new state veterans’ home on the Northwest Side finally appear to becoming reality.
CPS Might Close Chicago Virtual Charter School If Questionable Spending, Curriculum Issues Not AddressedChicago Public Schools officials said the Chicago Virtual Charter School could end up being closed if officials don’t sufficiently address academic and financial problems.
Select Home Warranty Technician Goes MIA Before Making Repairs; 'I Just Want My Dryer Fixed So I Can Do Laundry'Doing laundry isn’t a fun task, but it’s nearly impossible when your washer and dryer don’t work. Morning Insider Lauren Victory introduces us to a single mother trapped by a home warranty company.
Immigration Confusion Leaves Couple On Opposite Sides Of The Border; 'All My Life’s Plans Changed, Just Because Of Where I Was Born'They wanted to buy a home and start a family, but an Illinois couple’s life has been in limbo for more than nine months, because they’re stuck on opposite sides of the Canadian border.
Parents And Teachers Fleeing Chicago Virtual Charter School Over Questionable Spending, Missing CurriculumMissing curriculum and missing textbooks are just some of the problems uncovered at Chicago Virtual Charter School.