'Be Counted': City Spending Millions To Make Sure Everyone In Chicago Is Counted In 2020 U.S. CensusThe city of Chicago is spending $2.7 million to make sure you’re counted in the upcoming Census, in an effort to make sure the city doesn’t lose out on federal funding tied to population.
Bold Bank Robbers Make Their Way To The Treasurer's Office"These two bank robbers in the back of my office, taking the cash out of bags and stuffing it in their clothes."
The Wait For Legal Weed Is Over As Marijuana Sales Get Started in IllinoisRecreational buyers stood for hours in below-freezing temperatures. But most didn't seem to mind for a chance to buy a joint for whatever reason, with no license and no punishment.
Victim's Mother Wants Action As State Government Gridlock Ties Up Program To Prevent Expressway ShootingsGovernment gridlock is tying up a program meant to deter gunfire on Illinois expressways.
Anonymous Gift From Bears Player Makes Christmas For Group Of Young Dads A local organization is truly putting the “father” in Father Christmas.
Law Mandating Upgrade To Expressway Cameras Is Supposed To Go Into Effect Jan. 1, But Movement Is Not EvidentSome cameras are supposed to get an upgrade so they can record video, and help catch gunmen that are targeting drivers on busy Chicago expressways.
16 Months After Chicago Firefighter Pointed A Gun At Him, Jermayne Smith Still Waiting For Justice; 'It Feels Like I’m Not Taken Serious'The white firefighter who pointed a gun at an innocent black man, and accused him of breaking into his car, has never been disciplined or charged with a crime.
CDC Warns Of Bacterial Infections Spread By PuppiesYou can’t help but feel your heart melt when you look at the adorable face of a puppy – but this week, news emerged that some puppies may be infectious.
Meet Process Server Eddie Jackson; A Vital But Overlooked Cog In The Court SystemEvery day, countless people go to small claims court to try to collect a debt, but they can’t until someone like Eddie Jackson finds the person who owes them money
School Board To Vote On Plan To Close Chicago Virtual Charter School
Late Paychecks, Problems With Benefits Leave Employees At Chicago Nonprofit C4 On EdgeSkipping medications and stressing about paying rent – money troubles at a Chicago nonprofit led whistleblowers to contact the Morning Insiders for help.