Chief Of Police Is A Proponent For Higher Education In Law EnforcementJames Kruger, Chief of Police for the Village of Oak Brook, Illinois shares his law enforcement experiences and insights.
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Tips For Stay-At-Home Parents Rejoining Workforce
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Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Produces Podcast To Help ColleaguesThe attorneys themselves tell me what kind of courses they need. They help guide the types of cases I highlight. Indeed, there are very important 'business' and 'marketing' reasons to be active on Twitter and Linkedin.
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Chicago Executive Nurse Leader Is Passionate About Her CareerBev Avello has a nursing career spanning many specialties, including: labor and delivery, post-partum, neonatal ICU, pediatrics, palliative and hospice care.
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Chicago Business Development Executive Fosters Relationships For SuccessAs business development lead at Urban GIS, Inc., my primary role is fostering relationships, attend networking events while representing the company, seek new opportunities, opportunity response and manage the company CRM database.