Another Light Pole Falls In The Loop -- How Does This Keep On Happening?Light poles across the city continue to pose a major risk to both pedestrians and drivers.
City Fixes Exposed Wires After CBS 2 Report, But Hazards Remain Across CityDozens of 311 complaints months ago did not fix the exposed wires on light poles in the South Side neighborhood of West Chesterfield. In fact, the city did not fix the light poles until Thursday.
Dozens Of Hazardous Wires Still Exposed At Bases Of Light Poles On South Side, After 311 RequestsA potential danger is popping up across Chicago – exposed wires at the base of light poles.
Teen Charged With Felony After Lights Are Cut Again In Brighton Park; Alderman Hopes It Sends MessageA young man stood charged with a felony Monday night, after police said he was caught cutting the lights in Brighton Park.
State Senator Steps In To Help After Reports On Gangs Cutting Streetlight Wires, Leaving Brighton Park In The DarkGang members have been cutting wires to knock out the streetlights in Brighton Park, and when the city goes out to fix them, the gang members just cut them again. And now, a state senator says funds will be earmarked to do something about it.
Rusty, Corroded Light Poles Continue To Be Problem Across CityCBS 2 has been reporting on corroded light poles for five years, yet the problem persists throughout the city. Decorative covers are partially to blame.
New Charges Brought In Wire Thefts Tied To Indiana, IllinoisTwo men arrested in connection with a rash of copper wire thefts in northwestern Indiana and neighboring communities in Illinois are now facing federal charges.
2 Investigators: Where Light Poles May Fall NextFalling light poles have injured people and damaged property in Chicago. CBS 2's Dave Savini reports.
2 Investigators: Rusted Light Poles 'Very Worrisome'A corroded pole fell on top of Lauren Lammy's automobile. Could people be the next victims? CBS 2's Dave Savini reports.