Neighbors, Police To March Through Area Of Lincoln Park Neighborhood Following Recent CrimesNeighbors will be joining Near North (18th) District police later this week for a solidarity walk following a rash of crime in the southwesterly section of the Lincoln Park neighborhood.
Employee Stabbed In Robbery At Walgreens At Fullerton And GreenviewAn employee at a Walgreens on Fullerton Avenue on the western edge of the Lincoln Park neighborhood was stabbed during a robbery Sunday.
Lincoln Park Neighbors Chase Down Man Accused Of Robbing Woman In Broad DaylightLincoln Park neighbors sprang into action this weekend after hearing a woman scream.
3 Women Charged With Beating, Robbing Man In Car In Lincoln ParkThree women from the Milwaukee area are accused of beating and robbing a man in the Lincoln Park neighborhood this past weekend.
Lincoln Park Zoo Taking In Chimpanzees Who Appeared In Music Videos, MoviesThe Lincoln Park Zoo is taking in two Chimpanzees you may recognize from their roles in movies, or music videos. 
Four Fires In One Chicago Apartment Complex: 'It's Pretty Scary'"It was a little nerve-racking being on the 19th floor and having the elevators shut down."
Lincoln Park Burglars Seen Walking Calmly And Shamelessly Out Of HomeShameless, brazen burglars targeted a Lincoln Park family in the middle of the day this week.
Coyote That Bit Boy In Lincoln Park Won't Be Euthanized, Or Released Into The Wild"We will, instead, be placing the coyote, now named Mercy, in a permanent educational setting with specifics yet to be determined," Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation said.
DNA Tests Reveal Coyote Captured In Lincoln Park Is The One That Bit Boy Near Peggy Notebaert Nature MuseumChicago Animal Care and Control officials said they also confirmed the coyote had been shot in the chest with a BB gun, which likely explains why it was limping when it was caught, and why it had been acting aggressively.
Coyote DNA To Be Tested Following Attack On Child"Their biggest threat to their survival in rural areas is hunting and trapping. But when you move into the city, hunting and trapping is illegal."
DNA Testing Underway For Captured CoyoteChicago Animal Care and Control said if you do encounter a coyote, there are specific things to do: You should shout, wave or throw things at the coyote rather than run away. Do not feed it and keep an eye on small dogs.