Mayor Lori Lightfoot Lashes Out At Alderman For 'Illegally' Recording Call, Leaking Profane Argument Over Looting“There were a lot of incredible emotions that were shared in that call by fellow aldermen, now all of whom don’t feel secure or safe coming together with their colleagues, because of one individual who decided to illegally tape a conversation that was intended to be a private conversation among all of us," Lightfoot said.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Announces $5 Million Fund To Provide Cash Assistance To Chicagoans Excluded From Stimulus Checks“We know $1,000 may not go a long way, but it certainly will help in these troubling times, so that families can stay in their home, put food on the table, and pay utility bills," said Raul Raymudo, co-founder and CEO of The Resurrection Project.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Projects $700 Million Budget Deficit This Year Due To COVID-19“That’s a sobering number, and it presents a sobering challenge any way you look at it,” Lightfoot said Tuesday afternoon at City Hall.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot: Defunding Police To Pay For More Social Services Doesn't Need To Be 'Either/Or Proposition'"The investments that we are committed to making in violence reduction, in mental health, in affordable housing and workforce development; we need to make those investments, period, and we've committed to that," Lightfoot said.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot And Ald. Raymond Lopez Have Foul-Mouthed Argument Over Looting; 'You’re 100% Full Of S***' Mayor SaysAld. Raymond Lopez (15th) accused the mayor of being unprepared when looting spread from downtown to the neighborhoods more than a week ago.
High Speed Chase Victim Remembered By Family: 'I Want My Mom Back'"Now seeing the video of how it all happened, I have questions for that cop."
Mayor Lightfoot Urges Weekend Protest Organizers To Alert City Of RoutesProtesters are expected to march throughout the city this weekend and Mayor Lori Lightfoot is asking for help from the organizers.
Little Village Residents March In Support Of Black LivesThey also called out Chicago Mayor Lori Lghtfoot, accusing her of defending downtown from recent violence and turning her back on neighborhoods like theirs.
Restaurants Try To Reopen Despite Damage And LootingLooting at restaurants during the weekend unrest means outside diners can expect to be staring at boarded up windows, but the goal at Miki's Park on Hubbard street is to make it feel normal and safe. 
Mayor Lori Lightfoot To Address City Violence TuesdayMayor Lori Lightfoot will once again hold a news conference Tuesday morning with the Chicago Police Department.
Chicago Announces Guidelines For Next Phase Of Reopening Businesses In Early JuneWhile some parts of the state will begin easing COVID-19 restrictions on Friday, the mayor has said the city is not quite ready yet.
Lighfoot Announces $56 Million RFP For Expansion Of COVID-19 Contact Tracing"One of the most important weapons we have is contact tracing which is our ability to follow the path of this disease to learn where it is coming from and who is getting it and how it is spreading in our communities."
Preckwinkle 'Profoundly Disappointed' In Cook County Decision To Release Addresses Of Confirmed COVID-19 Patients To First RespondersFirst responders at suburban police departments like in Hazel Crest say the list is crucial for their safety. Meanwhile residents argue it is an invasion of their medical privacy.
City Launching New Summer Operations Center Ahead Of Memorial Day WeekendStarting with the Memorial Day weekend, the SOC will monitor activity throughout the city every weekend this summer, and deploy resources and services as needed.
Illinois Preps For Phase Three And Open Of Restaurants, Salons And BarbershopsWhat does phase three of Gov. JB Pritzker's reopening plan look like for the City of Chicago? Mayor Lori Lightfoot has not yet said.