Mayor Lori Lightfoot Willing To Compromise On CPS Makeup Days For Strike, But Won't Agree To Teachers Union's 'Take It Or Leave It Demand'"They have basically issued a take it or leave it demand. They get 11 days back or the strike continues. That’s simply a non-starter," Lightfoot said
Report Recommends Sweeping Changes To CPD Homicide Investigations To Boost 'Dismal' Murder Clearance RateThe Chicago Police Department's clearance rate in homicide cases has risen from 29% to 47% over the last three years, but still lags far behind other major cities.
CPS Cancels Classes For Friday, Marking 7th School Day Of Strike, Matching 2012 Work StoppageNegotiators were back at the table on Thursday, but CPS said the union's House of Delegates had not scheduled a vote to end the strike as of 4 p.m., so the district could not hold classes on Friday.
Parent Urges CPS, Striking Teachers To 'Swallow Your Pride' And Get Deal Done By Friday; 'It Is A Failure By Both Sides'With the Chicago teachers' strike now marking six days without classes at Chicago Public Schools, at least one parent is urging both the district and the union to "swallow your pride" and compromise to resolve their disputes so kids can be back in school by Friday.
As CPS Students Miss 6th Day Of Class Due To Teachers' Strike, Union Planning Saturday RallyAll signs point to the Chicago teachers strike stretching at least into the weekend.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says 2020 Budget Plan Doesn't Include Large Property Tax Hike, But Needs Help From SpringfieldThe mayor's plan relies on the Illinois General Assembly to approve a graduated real estate transfer tax, revisions to the Chicago casino plan, and statewide pension reform.
Minimum Wage Hike, Changes To Water Bills, Higher Parking Meter Fees; What Else Is In The 2020 City Budget?Here are just some of the ways the mayor's 2020 budget proposal would impact Chicago residents.
Read Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Full 2020 Budget AddressHere's the full text of Mayor Lori Lightfoot's prepared 2020 budget address, as provided by the mayor's office.
Mayor Lightfoot To Address City's Budget Plans, Chicago Faces $838 Million ShortfallMayor Lori Lightfoot will address the city's budget plans, and her plans to dig Chicago out of debt.
CTU Strike Continues, Wednesday Will Be Fifth Day Of Canceled Classes For CPS Studentstudents will be missing a fifth day of school on Wednesday as a teachers’ strike continues.
Chicago Teachers Union: 'The Mayor Today Has Dashed Our Hopes For A Quick Settlement'The mayor says Chicago Public Schools students “cannot afford to be out of school for any longer.”
Lightfoot After Johnson Was Found In Vehicle: 'The Superintendent Is Very Much On The Job'"The superintendent is very much on the job."
Mayor Lightfoot Refinancing $1.3 Billion In City Debt To Shave $200 Million From City's Massive Budget ShortfallThe city compared the move to refinancing a mortgage, saying the new bonds would be issued at lower interest rates than the outstanding ones.
Chicago Teachers' Strike: Teachers Report Some 'Wins' But Work To Be Done, School On Monday CanceledThe Chicago teachers’ strike stretched into its fourth day on Sunday, and it is set to stretch into its third school day on Monday.
CTU On Bargaining Session: 'We Are Close But We Are Not There Yet'A representative from the Chicago Teachers Union stated there was some movement today, but it wasn't enough.