Heart Transplant Doesn't Slow Down 11-Year-Old Drake SuperfanWhile waiting for a heart transplant last year, Sofia Sanchez recorded a video to a song by Drake. It touched the rapper enough to visit her while he was in Chicago. Months later, she got a heart.
Wireless Sensors Developed By Northwestern Could Revolutionize Care For Premature BabiesTiny wireless skin sensors are being tested to monitor stroke recovery and breathing disorders, but they could also help babies who are born prematurely, according to a new study in the journal Science.
Couple Says Their Son Will Die If They Are Forced To Leave The U.S. When Their Visas ExpireLeaving the United States and Chicago is a death sentence for their son, says one Libyan couple on student visas for medical school. 
Brain Tumor Survivor Embraces Chicago's Deep Freeze To Help Train For Mount EverestThe weather on Mount Everest has been similar to Chicago during our record cold snap. That inspired one man’s trip to Oak Street Beach, as he prepares to climb the world’s highest summit.
Aaron's Coffee Corner Provides Comfort To Families At Lurie Children's HospitalAaron Kobb's health struggles sometimes surface at night with his mom, at times, struggling to stay awake but too worried to go far enough to get a needed cup of caffeine.
Cardinal Cupich Brings Prayers To Patients At Lurie Children's HospitalThe cardinal handed out crosses and cards as a reminder to families that they are not alone.
Group Of Moms Collects Thousands Of Toys For Sick KidsThe toys collected by "The Moms of Western Burbs" are headed to Lurie Children's Hospital Saturday to brighten the holidays for young patients.
Boy Injured After Foot Gets Caught In Macy's EscalatorThe boy, whose age has not been disclosed to CBS 2, was taken to Lurie Children's Hospital on a trauma bypass Saturday morning.
Mountain Climber Dedicates Next Climb To Lurie PatientAlex Pancoe, a brain tumor survivor, raises money for the hospital that saved his life 14 years ago.
2-Year-Old From Batavia Diagnosed With Rare Polio-Like DiseaseA rare polio-like illness that has popped up in several states has now been found in Chicago. It’s called AFM, and a suburban girl has been battling it for about a month.
Rare Polio-Like Illness Strikes Chicago-Area 2-Year-OldA 2-year-old girl is being hospitalized for a mystery illness that causes symptoms that mimic polio, Lurie Children's Hospital says.