Made In Chicago: Portillo'sChicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef, speedy drive-thru service... we're undoubtedly talking about Portillo's.
Made In Chicago: Lady Di's BakeryLady's Di's famous butter cookies can be found all over Chicago, as well as many locations out of state.
Made In Chicago: Two Brothers Brewing CompanyThe family-run microbrewery was founded 21 years ago on one thing: passion.
Made In Chicago: Imperfect ProduceImperfect Produce sells vegetables and fruit that may look a bit odd, but is just as good as any other veggies.
Made In Chicago: SenTEAmental MoodsSenTEAmental Moods offers handcrafted fine teas blended with locally sourced ingredients.
Made In Chicago: BSD IndustriesA manufacturing company is churning out plastic utensils in a new high-tech factory on Chicago's South Side.
Made In Chicago: Big Game AirBig Game Air provides same-day round-trip luxury travel on private jets to major sporting events across the country.
Made In Chicago: Urban Pioneer GroupTom Kunkel owns and runs Urban Pioneer Group in Forest Park, which has a broad vision for forgotten things.
Made In Chicago: Co-Op SauceCo-Op Sauce, located in between Rogers Park and Edgewater, create and sell homemade hot sauce from fresh, family-grown peppers.
Made In Chicago: MightyVine TomatoesMightyVine, a local greenhouse, uses state-of-the-art farming practices to produce the "most delicious, sustainable tomatoes year-round."
Made In Chicago: Chicago Scenic StudiosInside a 165,000 sq. ft. warehouse just west of Chinatown, dozens of artisans are creating big things, literally.