Baffoe: Let Manny Be The New Manny In ChicagoManny Ramirez has worked wonders with the young Cubs hitters at Triple-A Iowa.
Levine: Manny Ramirez May Join Cubs' Coaching Staff"We have a really nice relationship with Manny," Theo Epstein says.
Levine: Soler Comes Up Big In Wrigley DebutJorge Soler's torrid start has been a great story for the Cubs.
Manny Ramirez To Join I-Cubs On ThursdayThe 42-year-old Ramirez will serve as a player-coach.
Ramirez Moving Up To Triple A Iowa Next Week
Shepkowski: History Says There's More Than One Way To Handle Kris BryantTriple-A has worked wonders for some big prospects, but others prosper straight from Double-A.
Levine: Manny Signing Has Some People PerplexedThe Cubs announced that the former All Star was signed as a player-coach at Triple A Iowa. T
Emma: Ramirez Can Be Trusted To Benefit Cubs' Prized ProspectsOn a fall day in 2011, the Cubs unveiled their new direction. There were no mixed words -- this is Theo Epstein's baseball team, and his job is to win a World Series.
Cubs Sign Manny Ramirez As Triple A Player-CoachThe Chicago Cubs have signed former All-Star player Manny Ramirez to a minor league contract as a player-coach at Triple A Iowa, the Cubs announced in a press release.
Bernstein: Really, Milwaukee?Let's not forget that Ryan Braun tried to ruin an innocent man's reputation.
Baffoe: Presidential Snub Makes Some '72 Dolphins Even More InsufferablePeople like Jim Langer, Manny Fernandez, and Bob Kuechenberg need to ask themselves what they’re really accomplishing here. What they feel is noble is in actuality quite petty.
TTYM: D-Wade Crashes A Prom, Harper Crashes Into A Wall, And Manny Crashes Taiwan!
Video: Manny Being Manny In TaiwanYou can take Manny Ramirez out of Major League Baseball, but you can't take Manny Ramirez out of Manny Ramirez. Or something like that.
Bernstein: Adding A-Rod Would Be So KennyKenny Williams has always had a thing for twilight.
Deadspin's Angry Voicemails: Manny Ramirez’s Dreads Will Cause Drug Use, Cancer & Abortion An angered fan called the River Cats organization to berate Manny Ramirez's dread locks, explaining that dread locks lead to drug use, cancer, abortion and the legalization of gay marriage.