Manti Te'o Off-Limits To Media But Not Maxim PartyThe San Diego Chargers are keeping Manti Te'o off-limits to the media — for now.
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Favorite Manti Te’o Tweets From NFL DraftTwitter has become a hotbed for comic activity surrounding events of national interest, especially those related to sports.
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McNeil: Te'o Will Be A Solid Draft PickTwo weeks from today, the water cooler is going to be enormously popular in work places all over the Chicago area. That's where Bears fans will convene to debate general manager Phil Emery's second crack at the first round of the NFL draft.
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Manti Te'o Improves 40-Time At Notre Dame's Pro DayLinebacker Manti Te'o slightly improved his 40-time Tuesday at Notre Dame's Pro Day.
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Physics Professor Catfished By Super Model Imposter, Lands In Jail For Drug Smuggling If you thought Manti Te'o was the only one foolish enough to be catfished in an online relationship, then you haven't heard 68-year-old theoretical particle physicist Paul Frampton's story.