Portage Park Woman Says Her Block Has Been Left In The Dark, After Streetlights Were Taken Out For Water Main Work And Never ReplacedThe City of Chicago is spending $160 million replacing hundreds of thousands of streetlights from low-efficiency bulbs to LEDs – and that doesn’t sit well with a Portage Park woman who has been trying to get her old streetlights back up and running for months.
Indiana Attorney General Files Lawsuit To Crack Down On Harassing Robocalls, And Effort May Help In Illinois TooHow many times have you heard your phone ring or felt it vibrate, only to discover it was an annoying robocall? If the answer is too many, you’re not alone.
15 Months After Columbus Statue Removed From Grant Park, Site Still Lit Up 'Like A Landing Strip At O’Hare'What's the cost of wasting light? And why is this spot lighting nothing?
Woodlawn Sees Hope In Obama Center, But Residents Want More From Their Future NeighborWork is officially under way at the Obama Presidential Center after last Tuesday’s groundbreaking, and with the symbolic turning of the dirt, people in nearby Woodlawn hope to turn their neighborhood around.
Parents Pack School Board Meeting In Horror Over Multiple Student Brawls In Hallways Of 2 Joliet High SchoolsDistrict 204 confirmed since the beginning of this school year, around 80 students were involved in altercations.
Chicago Father Frustrated With His Child Tax Credit Payment Delayed And Missing Due To Glitches In SystemThe Child Tax Credit is meant to help families make ends meet as the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on. But many payments are delayed, making it anything but helpful for parents on a budget.
Labor Shortage Blamed For Lack Of Headstone On Woman's Grave 8 Months After Her DeathA labor shortage is compounding the grief for one Chicago woman – whose mother still has no headstone on her grave eight months after her death.
Climate Change And Chicago's Lake Michigan Shoreline: What The Future May Hold And The Action Being TakenLake levels have been at record highs. Just Wednesday, waves pushed onshore and pounded at the Lake Michigan coastline – certainly not helping our erosion problems.
4-Year-Old Girl With Autism Comes Home From School With Bruises, And Fight To Move Schools Goes Horribly Until Mom Gets Results With CBS 2It is nightmare fuel for parents - your child coming home from school with mystery bruises and being unable to explain what happened. A Belmont Heights mom said she lived that nightmare, and the fight that followed to get her out of that school made things worse. So she called CBS 2’s Marie Saavedra and got quick results.
Naperville Woman Working For United Airlines Uses Farsi Language Skills To Connect With Evacuees From Afghanistan, Evoking Her Own Roots Coming From IranThis story is about fate, and a twist that brought a Naperville woman back to her roots. It happened in the skies over the Middle East and Europe, on a plane full of evacuees headed west.
After Complaints For Some Time, Playground At Marquette Park Fixed Fast After CBS 2 Calls Ald. David Moore And He Takes ActionParents say damage to a Chicago Lawn neighborhood playground is a danger to their kids – so why was it taking so long to repair? As CBS 2’s Marie Saavedra reported Tuesday night, one social media post and email to an alderman later, there is now a fix.
Army Sgt. 1st Class George Kakaletris Of Wheeling Felt Compelled To Re-Enlist After 9/11 AttacksThe ripple of the effect of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 continues to stretch far beyond Ground Zero in New York and the horrifying scenes there.
After Parents Were Shot And Killed In Horrific Crime In Humboldt Park, Family Works Tirelessly To Care For 2 Young Children Going ForwardGyovanny Arzuaga and Yasmin Perez lost their lives in a violent, high-profile shooting back during Puerto Rican Parade celebrations in Humboldt Park back in June. But beyond that headline are two children left without their mother and father.
Restaurant And Bar Industry Hit Hard By 'The Great Resignation:' Why Some Have Sought Career ChangesThe restaurant and bar industry has been hit by the Great Resignation in huge numbers, and we wanted to know why its workers are looking elsewhere.
Victims On A Mad Scramble To Find Out Who Is Pelting Chicagoans With Raw EggsThey've been charting the attacks with the hope they'll be stopped, CBS 2's Marie Saavedra reports.