Restaurant And Bar Industry Hit Hard By 'The Great Resignation:' Why Some Have Sought Career ChangesThe restaurant and bar industry has been hit by the Great Resignation in huge numbers, and we wanted to know why its workers are looking elsewhere.
Victims On A Mad Scramble To Find Out Who Is Pelting Chicagoans With Raw EggsThey've been charting the attacks with the hope they'll be stopped, CBS 2's Marie Saavedra reports.
Driver Accused Of Hitting 3 People In Lakeview Over The Weekend Was On Probation For Edgewater Hit-And-Run That Killed Woman, 93Rayon Allen was on probation for killing a woman in a 2018 hit and run. But five months after a judge sentenced him, police said the Chicago man plowed down more pedestrians in East Lakeview Sunday morning.
While Some Are Seeing Tax Refunds From IRS Months Later At Last, A Group Steps In To Help Those Who Still Aren'tIn the past month, we’ve been digging for answers to the question so many of you are desperately asking – “Where is my refund check?” But on Wednesday night, there was a bit of good news for people still waiting - and another option for those trying to reach the IRS.
Neighbor Rushes In As Teen Threatens Woman At Gunpoint In Lakeview Alley; He Says It's 'Disappointing' That Suspect Is Now Out Of CustodyIn a brazen attack in Lakeview, police said a teen threatened a woman with a gun just to get access to her cellphone.
Two Top Chicago Park District Managers Suspended Amid Probe Of Sexual Harassment, Abuse Of LifeguardsAn investigation into widespread sexual harassment of female lifeguards has resulted in disciplinary action against 42 Chicago Park District employees, including two high-level managers.
FDA Authorizes Third COVID-19 Doses For The Immunocompromised, And For Many, It Can't Come Soon EnoughFor many Illinoisans, getting COVID-19 vaccine shots didn’t mean much. They are the immunocompromised, whose bodies do not build antibodies like an average person’s would. But as CBS 2’s Marie Saavedra reported Thursday night, a third chance at getting protected has arrived.
Some Illinois Parents Want Remote Learning For Their Kids Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases, But State Is Mandating Return To ClassroomsRising COVID-19 rising numbers are one of the reasons some parents are pushing to keep their kids home this upcoming school year. But the Illinois Board of Education is mandating students return to classrooms.
Andersonville Neighbors Had Thought They Had Another Option, But Trees End Up Coming Down For Water Pipeline RepairsTrees make a neighborhood, but so many planted in Chicago are just inches from aging water pipelines.
Facebook Picks Des Plaines To Test New 'Neighborhoods' Feature, Taking On Popular Apps Like NextdoorFacebook seemingly wants to take over the world - one neighborhood at a time. It has a new product to take on the likes of popular apps like Nextdoor, and the Facebook plan is being tested in one Chicago suburb.
Facing High Commissions, Some Chicago Restaurants Are Turning To New Delivery Apps With Different PricingSo many of us have relied on food delivery services during the coronavirus pandemic – but if you order a lot, you know most apps take a good-sized cut for themselves. That has created an opening for new businesses with different pricing.
Many Who Filed Federal Tax Returns On Time Or Early Still Don't Have Refunds -- What's The Holdup?Sixty-five days and counting – if you filed your federal taxes on the delayed deadline of May 17, that is how long you have been waiting for your refund. But many people who filed early are even still waiting. So what’s the holdup?
Some Immunocompromised Patients Are Already Getting Third Doses Of COVID-19 VaccineWith the Delta variant spread, there is renewed talk of a future booster shot to fight COVID-19. But CBS 2's Marie Saavedra found that some of those patients are already getting third doses of vaccine now.
DuPage, Will Counties Flagged As COVID-19 Hot Zones As Cases Rise Once MoreTwo counties in the greater Chicago area have been highlighted as hot zones for the coronavirus as cases rise again.
Your U.S. Representative Could Help Get Your Delayed IRS RefundsCBS 2's Marie Saavedra has uncovered a back channel that is worth a shot to get cash you're owed.