Automatic Expungement Of Marijuana Convictions Is More Complicated Than It SoundsHundreds of marijuana convictions could be expunged under the State of Illinois’ new marijuana laws. But it’s not quite that simple – or fast.
The Budding Cannabis Business: Getting Help the Right Way
'Don't Give Them Your Money:' Entrepreneurs Say Groups Offering Pricey Classes On Marijuana Business Are A ScamAdults in Illinois can legally buy weed in less than two months, and the prospects for making a profit off pot are very high. But so is the risk of being ripped off.
Medical Marijuana Users Frustrated By Lower Supply, Rising Prices In IllinoisIs Illinois’ pot supply going up in smoke?
Which States Are Riding The Recreational Marijuana Wave?An analysis commissioned by Illinois lawmakers estimated recreational marijuana sales in the range of $1.6 to $2.5 billion and state revenue in the range of $443 to $676 million each year.
Cresco Labs, Joliet-Based Marijuana Producer, Is Growing Its WorkforceLegal recreational marijuana is only months away in Illinois, but those who grow and package cannabis are looking for a new crop of employees to meet demand.
Chicago Wants Your Input On Proposed Recreational Marijuana RegulationsSoon recreational marijuana will be legal in Illinois, and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has proposed a plan that would ban sale in most of downtown Chicago and split the rest of the city into seven "cannabis zones."
Map Showing Impacted Areas For Marijuana Licenses ReleasedThe state on Tuesday begins accepting a new round of applications for marijuana cultivators, dispensaries and more.
Foxx Announces Automated Plan To Speed Marijuana Conviction Expungements: Does It Really Work?Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx announced Tuesday plans to expunge the criminal records of people convicted of marijuana charges more quickly. 
Governor JB Pritzker Signs Recreational Marijuana LawPritzker called the state’s marijuana law a step in the right direction, especially for communities of color that have been most negatively impacted by the war on drugs.
Carol Stream Pilot Program Uses Saliva Testing Kit To Determine If Drivers Are HighOne police department in the state is testing drivers' saliva to determine if they're driving high. Could the Carol Stream pilot program be the future in Illinois with legal pot on the horizon? 
Illinois Law Enforcement Has No Way To Roadside Test For Marijuana Impairment While Driving As Legalization LoomsIn a state that is gearing up for legalization, there's been pushback from the beginning from groups like the Illinois Sheriff's Association, who said there is no roadside testing available for use by law enforcement in Illinois to test if a driver has been high or even is high in that moment. 
Recreational Marijuana Will Be Legal In Illinois Jan. 1, But Not Without LimitationsRecreational marijuana may soon be legal in Illinois, but that does not mean people can light up without penalties. There is a long list of places where weed will not be allowed. 
OK To Smoke, Not To Grow? States Wrestle With Homegrown PotA provision that would allow for the growing of five plants per residence for recreational use seemed likely to be jettisoned because of push-back from the police, who argue that allowing homegrown pot would fuel illicit drug sales.
Illinois State Lawmakers Still Have Five Big Issues To SettleLawmakers enter final week with most of the big work uncompleted.