Tech Startup Andela Has Local And Global Impact"I think ultimately we are creating an economy in the technology industry which is going to spark a massive revolution on the continent."
Facebook Launching New Dating FeaturesFacebook announces it’s getting into the dating game.
Facebook Has Spent $20M On Zuckerberg's Security Since 2015Facebook also covers security expenses for Sheryl Sandberg, the company's chief operating officer and a popular author and public speaker.
Mark Zuckerberg's Senate Committee Testimony: How To Watch, Live Updates
Trying To Curb More Facebook FalloutThis week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg conceded all of those public profiles have likely been accessed by outside sources.
Facebook's Stock Drops After Zuckerberg ApologizesMark Zuckerberg's apology didn't stop the bleeding on Wall Street.
The Law Is Still Three Steps Behind FacebookIn the US and across the world, lawmakers and regulators are demanding answers from Facebook and Cambridge Analytica in the wake of a global scandal centered on the harvesting of the personal data of 50 million users.
Child Experts: Just Say 'No' To Facebook's Kids AppChild development experts and advocates are urging Facebook to pull the plug on its new messaging app aimed at younger children.
Mark Zuckerberg's New Year's Resolution: Fix FacebookZuckerberg says there have been too many mistakes enforcing the social media platform's policies and preventing misuse.
Facebook Ramps Up Its Response To Violent VideosFacebook is stepping up its efforts to keep inappropriate and often violent material — including recent high-profile videos of murders and suicides, hate speech and extremist propaganda — off of its site.
Opinion: Don’t Let Obama Convince You That American Success Is BadDuring the current election campaign, for the first time in American history, President Barack Obama and the “left” have made success in America to be negative.