Chicago Weather: Windy But Warmer Temps On The Way, Snow Possible For This WeekendFor Friday, temperatures will lower a bit  and rain could be heavy in areas to the southeast of Chicago going into Friday evening.
Chicago Weather: Snow Showers Into SaturdayBy Saturday afternoon, the snow will be gone, but chilly northwest winds may create lake-enhanced snow showers for northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan.
Chicago Weather: Cold Front To Make Friday ChillyWe spend Friday on the chilly side of the cold front with highs in the upper 30s instead of the upper 40s that we had on Thursday.
Chicago Weather: Steady Snow OvernightGusty winds and a few snow showers are possible through sunset Monday night.
Chicago Weather: Foggy Friday Morning, Then A WarmupConditions will be clear and quiet Thursday evening.
Chicago Weather: A Warming Trend On The WayIt will remain chilly Wednesday afternoon, even with the sunshine.
Chicago Weather: Arctic Cold Front Coming This WayAn Arctic cold front was over central Wisconsin Tuesday afternoon and is coming this way.
Chicago Weather: Sun Returns On TuesdayA storm system will pass south of the Chicago area Monday night, keeping any accumulation of snow at bay.
Chicago Weather: Light Snow OvernightWhile heavy snow has prompted a Winter Storm Warning in parts of downstate Illinois, the storm track is well to the south of Chicago area and only light snow is expected through the night Sunday night.
Chicago Weather: Clouds Sticking AroundSkies will remain cloudy through the night with lows hovering close to the freezing mark.
Chicago Weather: Winds Set To Relax, Warmup Coming ThursdayWind chills were still in the teens Wednesday afternoon, but winds are expected to relax this evening as skies stay clear.