Lightfoot: Shocked CDC Talking About COVID Vaccine Timed Out To General Election"Unfortunately again, we're going to see more of this nonsense from now until election day."
Spotlight On Chicago's Response To Widespread UnrestThe mayor wants punishment with more teeth and a signal that in Chicago, when you do this, you pay a massive price.
Lightfoot Announces $33M Housing Assistance Grant For Chicagoans Affected By COVID-19"We have been working to find additional resources to assist those financially impacted by the pandemic, and these new funds will go a long way in stabilizing the lives of residents during these challenging times.”  
Wisconsin To Be Added To Chicago Travel Quarantine List This Week"We're watching all of our neighbors very carefully."
Three Arrested In Chicago On Federal Gun Charges In 'Operation Legend'President Donald Trump and other officials on Wednesday formally announced the deployment of “hundreds” of federal agents to fight crime in Chicago as part of Operation Legend.
Columbus Controversy: What's Next For The Statue And Other Monuments In Chicago?"What we're seeing now is people drawing attention to the complexity of that history questioning whether Columbus is necessary, what he represented, is something we want to continue to honor."
Pritzker, Lightfoot Join Argonne Labs, University Of Chicago To Present 'Blueprint' Plans For Quantum Internet"Quantum internet is not something that's on every but the tip of the tongue of everyone, but I think we all recognize the importance of this moment and the power that it possesses to really change everything in the way in which we process information and also security on the internet."
Lightfoot On Federal Troops: Trump Won't 'Foolishly Deploy' Unnamed Agents To The City"We are not going to allow democracy to be hijacked by the federal government. That is not happening in Chicago."
Stricter COVID-19 Rules Back For Chicago"On March 15 we had 135 employees. On March 17 we went down to three."
After Violence Took Over Friday Columbus Statue Demonstration, Mayor Says: 'That's Not Peaceful Protest. That's Anarchy'They not only sharpen a PVC pipe, they're seen re-stocking the crowd with projectiles: bricks and frozen water bottles; fuel to a hot, tense Friday evening.
Lightfoot Reinstates Some COVID-19 Restrictions In Chicago For Bars, Gyms“This virus has had a disproportionate impact on Black and Latinx individuals, many of whom are essential workers who have continued to go to work, and we can’t afford to see a resurgence that would mean more cases and more deaths.”