After Violence Took Over Friday Columbus Statue Demonstration, Mayor Says: 'That's Not Peaceful Protest. That's Anarchy'They not only sharpen a PVC pipe, they're seen re-stocking the crowd with projectiles: bricks and frozen water bottles; fuel to a hot, tense Friday evening.
Lightfoot Reinstates Some COVID-19 Restrictions In Chicago For Bars, Gyms“This virus has had a disproportionate impact on Black and Latinx individuals, many of whom are essential workers who have continued to go to work, and we can’t afford to see a resurgence that would mean more cases and more deaths.”
Lightfoot, Pritzker Cautious About Uptick In COVID-19 Cases"The last thing I want to do is have to take steps back to do the right thing."
Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Unveils Debt Forgiveness Plan For City Colleges Of Chicago StudentsThere are more than 21,000 people eligible for the Fresh Start program. It starts this fall and runs through 2023.
Lightfoot: No Plans To Reopen Chicago Beaches Anytime Soon"Until we feel like we are in a good place, and we're starting to see a slight uptick in cases, the beaches conversation is one that's going to have to come down the road."
Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Upset With Boat Operators Over Lack Of Social Distancing"They had no pretense of social distancing."
Lightfoot on Travel Quarantine: 'You Have An Obligation To Protect Yourself, Your Neighbors'"We've made significant progress. You should think about where we were in March and where we are now. But we're worried. We're worried about an uptick."
Lightfoot: Effective Monday, Travelers Coming Into Chicago From States With COVID-19 Surges Must Self-Quarantine For 14 Days“This order is another important measure in helping us further contain the spread of COVID-19 in Chicago.”
Mayor's Message To Curb Violent Crime This Weekend: 'I Pray That You Find Your Humanity'"We're not going to hesitate to shut you down."
Lightfoot Cites 'Perfect Storm' For Chicago's Violence, 'All Hands On Deck Approach' Needed To Curb Crime"Let's stop the violence before even starts by making sure we're investing in our young people and we're loving them and supporting them, at the earliest possible stages of their life, so they understand that there's a future for themselves."
Lightfoot On Trump's Letter: 'You Utterly Failed To Lead In This Crisis'"You utterly failed to lead in this crisis."
Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Introduces INVEST S/W To Enhance, Invest In City NeighborhoodsCommunities on Chicago's South and West Sides will receive an $11 million grant focused on redevelopment and investment in those neighborhoods. 
Lightfoot: Free High Speed Internet Available To 100,000 CPS Students"This program is a critical component of our STEP agenda and the efforts to end poverty and a part of our mission to drive improved academic outcomes at CPS.”
Lightfoot: Phase 4 Starts Friday But Precautions Still Needed"It's because of the shared sacrifice that we are able to announce that Chicago will be able to take the next step."
Mayor Lightfoot, Rep. Rush Condemn Officers For Lounging In Rush's Office During Unrest"I believe we should take the strongest possible action. Particularly with supervisors."