When Pot Is Legal, CHA Residents Won't Be Able To Light Up"It's totally unfair to say one sector can do something and public housing people can't."
Gov. Pritzker Signs Bill Expansion Of Medical Marijuana LawThe bill also adds another 12 conditions to the list of acceptable conditions bringing the total number to 54.
OK To Smoke, Not To Grow? States Wrestle With Homegrown PotA provision that would allow for the growing of five plants per residence for recreational use seemed likely to be jettisoned because of push-back from the police, who argue that allowing homegrown pot would fuel illicit drug sales.
'It's Pretty Much A Life Saver': Man Chooses Medical Marijuana Over His JobIllinois legalized medical marijuana, but employers can still fire employees who fail a drug test. Nick Torraco chose medical marijuana over his job and hopes taking a stand will change company policies. 
Medical Marijuana Use Can Still Lead To Firing At Many CompaniesMedical marijuana might be legal, but you can still lose your job for using it because many companies still have no tolerance policies. 
Study: Chronic Pain Given As Top Reason For Using Medical MarijuanaThe study didn't measure whether marijuana actually helped anyone with their problems. But the patients' reasons match up with what's known about the science of marijuana and its chemical components.
Activist Voices Opposition To Legal Illinois Marijuana SalesDemocrat governor-elect J.B. Pritzker has said he hopes to legalize cannabis soon after he takes office.
Illinois Medical Marijuana Companies Work To ExpandWith marijuana now legal in Canada, some Illinois companies are finding success securing Canadian investors looking to enter the industry.
Illinois Company One Of Virginia's First 5 Medical Cannabis DispensariesThe conditional awardees include Maryland-based Green Leaf Medical, Illinois-based PharmaCann and New York-based Columbia Care.
Thanks To 'Ashley's Law,' Sick Illinois Students Now Can Take Medical Marijuana At SchoolFor the first time this school year, Illinois students with serious illnesses and conditions will be allowed to take medical marijuana at school, if they qualify for the state’s registry.
CBS 2 Investigates False Promises In The Medical Marijuana IndustrySome Illinois patients turning to medical marijuana for pain relief are complaining that a company claiming to help people get medical cannabis registry ID cards is taking their money without delivering the promised product.