With Updated State Rules, COVID-Vaccinated Illinois Nursing Home Residents Can Finally Get HugsThe power of a simple touch – it’s been an impossibility at Illinois nursing homes during a year of pandemic precautions.
City Halts Vaccine Supply For Loretto Hospital For Giving Shots To Ineligible Trump Tower Workers, Judges, CEO's ChurchLoretto has acknowledged providing vaccine doses to dozens of Trump Tower workers, some Cook County judges, and about 200 members of the hospital CEO’s church, even though they were not yet eligible to be inoculated.
Video Shows Moment When Woman Was Hit, Killed By SUV In Englewood; Police May Have Been Pursuing DriverA mother of three was struck and killed while walking just a few blocks from her home in Englewood Monday afternoon.
Sick Kids On Medicaid In Northwest Indiana Are A Short Distance From Illinois, But State Makes Them Go All The Way To Indianapolis For TreatmentBeing a sick kid is hard, and taking care of one can be a full-time job. So why are so many critically ill children in Northwest Indiana having to be driven hours to see the specialists they need to survive?
Scathing Inspector General's Report Says CPD Was Unprepared, Disorganized, And Without A Plan During Civil Unrest In Wake Of George Floyd Protests In ChicagoThe Chicago Office of the Inspector General on Thursday put out a scathing report of the city’s handling of civil unrest that erupted amid protests following the death of George Floyd
What To Do, And What Not To Do, To Protect Your Home Amid Massive Snow, ColdThe weight of the snow on roofs, burst pipes, broken heating, and stubborn ice dams are among the concerns for homeowners in the wake of the snowstorm this week and the extreme cold lately.
ONLY ON 2: An Inside Look At Rush University Medical Center's Lab Investigating The Coronavirus And Its VariantsJust over a month after a new variant of COVID-19 was first found in Chicago, the city has a new way to detect, monitor, and learn about it.
Bogus COVID-19 Vaccine Offers Flooding The 'Dark Web'Dark web digital sellers are moving into a new territory — marketing COVID-19 vaccines on the dark web, capitalizing on fear and scarcity across the globe.
DuPage County Is Making Better Progress Than Neighboring Counties In Getting People Vaccinated For COVID-19 -- What's Going On?As the State of Illinois scrambles to keep up with demand for the COVID-19 vaccine, we're looking at how efficiently the counties are putting shots in arms.
As Carjackings Skyrocket In Chicago, Federal Authorities Are Stepping InSince the beginning of the year, there have been more than 150 carjackings in Chicago – amounting to five a day. Is federal pressure the answer?
'You're Already Labeled As A White Supremacist Gun Person:' Antioch Police Video Of Kyle Rittenhouse After He Shot, Killed Two People In KenoshaRittenhouse opened fire with an assault-style rifle killing Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and wounding a third person. Rittenhouse has argued he fired in self-defense and later pleaded not guilty to charges of intentional homicide.