Could Upcoming Illinois 'Red-Flag' Law Have Prevented Mercy Hospital Gunman Juan Lopez From Carrying A Firearm?Monday's fatal shooting at Mercy Hospital has raised new questions about whether an upcoming Illinois law would have prevented shooter Juan Lopez from having a firearm. 
Funeral Services Set For Samuel Jimenez, Chicago Police Officer Killed In Mercy Hospital ShootingChicago Police Officer Samuel Jimenez, 28, was shot and killed while confronting the gunman who also killed a doctor and pharmacy resident at Mercy Hospital.
Gunman Juan Lopez's Ex Claimed He Slept With A Gun Under His Pillow In Court DocumentsWhile Juan Lopez was planning to marry Dr. Tamara O'Neal, he faced legal battles with his ex-wife.
One In Three Female Murder Victims Is Killed By PartnerCloated in an eerie silence the day after the shooting of three people at the hands of a doctor’s ex-fiance, the Mercy Hospital emergency room is a different place now that Dr. Tamara O’Neal will never walk through the doors again. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 20 people experience physical violence at the hands of their partner every minute in the U.S.
Dr. Tamara O'Neal's Co-Worker Recalls Frantic Texts After The Mercy Hospital ShootingDr. Tamara O'Neal was being remembered by her colleagues at Mercy Hospital on Tuesday for her contagious smile and her loving heart.
Fallen Chicago Police Officer Samuel Jimenez To Be Honored Saturday At Memorial ServiceHundreds are expected to gather on the city's North Side this weekend to remember fallen 28-year-old Chicago police officer Samuel Jimenez.
A Look At The Troubled Life Of Mercy Hospital Shooter Juan LopezJuan Lopez's lives appear to have collided one week in late October. The week it appears Lopez was to marry Dr. O'Neal. The same week his ex-wife took him to court. She wanted Lopez to be held in contempt for failing to pay child support that racked up to nearly $6,000.
The Promising Life And Tragic Death Of Dr. Tamara O'Neal"One of the things that we lost was a black physician that was truly an inspiration to many women of color."
Dayna Less, Pharmacy Resident Slain At Mercy Hospital, 'Had Unique Gifts'; 'Brightest Star On This Planet'At only 24 years old, Dayna Less had a very bright future in front of her; a second year of her pharmaceutical residency at Mercy Hospital, and a June wedding to her childhood sweetheart.
CPD Superintendent Johnson Details Timeline On Mercy Hospital ShootingJohnson said he believed a 9mm handgun was used by Lopez. A spokesperson for CPD said the weapon was purchased legally at a suburban gun shop.
Mercy Hospital Emergency Room Reopens Day After Shooting RampageAs the emergency room at Mercy Hospital reopened Tuesday after gunman Juan Lopez's rampage, those who work there have heavy hearts after losing two colleagues.
Slain Mercy Hospital Worker Dayna Less Was Planning June WeddingDayna Less was just getting off an elevator, going about her day as a pharmaceutical resident at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, when a gunman shot and killed her Monday afternoon.
Mercy Hospital Gunman Juan Lopez Was Fired From Chicago Fire Academy In 2014While in training at the Chicago Fire Academy, Juan Lopez was accused of bullying, including “inappropriate contact with fellow female cadets.”
'It's Going To Be A Very Somber Day For Us'; Mercy Hospital Staff Mourns Slain ColleaguesThe morning after four people were slain at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, employees faced the somber task of returning to work where two colleagues lost their lives.
'We Tried Everything We Could,' But Doctors Couldn't Save Colleague Shot At Mercy Hospital“I recognized her immediately. It took me a second to kind of get over that shock, and then I tried to help any way possible,” Dr. John Purakal said.