Family Of Man Misidentified At Mercy Hospital Meets The Family That Was At His Side When He DiedTwo families involved in one case of mistaken identity met for the first time Wednesday. One family's loved one was dying only to find out after the man died that he was really the other family's relative. 
Families Of Elisha Brittman And Alfonso Bennett File Lawsuit After Man Who Died In Hospice Was MisidentifiedTwo families are coming together for the first time today to file a lawsuit after a man who died in hospice care was misidentified.
Illinois State Senator Plans Legislation To Prevent Misidentification After Man At Mercy Hospital Died With The Wrong FamilyChicago police misidentified a man languishing in a hospital bed, leaving the wrong family to stay by his side while he died. Now because of CBS 2 reports, a state lawmaker says she wants to take steps to make sure this doesn't happen again in Illinois. 
Family Of Misidentified Man Who Died In Hospice With Another Man's Family Speaks For The First TimeFor the first time the family of Elisha Brittman, who was misidentified as another man by Chicago police and died with that man's family, is speaking out. 
Man Misidentified In Hospital No Longer Receiving Disability And Medicaid After Being Declared DeadAlfonso Bennett's sisters were planning his funeral when he walked through the door, and now Bennett says the mix up is costing him money. 
Identity Of Mystery Man At Mercy Hospital Solved, But Not Before Other Family Watched Him Take His Last BreathA mystery of a misidentified man who died at Mercy Hospital has been solved:  Officials determined it was Elisha Brittman who was admitted to intensive care after being badly beaten.
Sisters Thought They Took Their Brother Off Life Support — Until He Walked Through The Front Door"It's sad that it happened like that. If it was our brother and we had to go through that, that would have been a different thing,. We made all kinds of decisions on someone that wasn't our family."
Investigation Underway After 2 Legionnaires’ Cases Reported At Mercy HospitalThe Illinois Department of Public Health is investigating after two reported cases of Legionnaires’ disease at Mercy Hospital & Medical Center in Chicago.
UIC Creates Scholarship Fund For Slain ER Doctor Tamara O'NealThe University of Illinois at Chicago has created a scholarship in memory of Dr. Tamara O'Neal, who was killed in a shooting at Mercy Hospital last year.
Officers From The Front Line Of The Mercy Hospital Shooting HonoredOfficers from the front line of the Mercy Hospital shooting were honored with officer of the month awards for bravery Tuesday. 
FOP Concerned CPD's Pieced-Together M4 Rifles Are InferiorThere was chaos outside Mercy Hospital a month ago after a gunman opened fire, killing three people before a SWAT team member rushed in and took aim. But the Fraternal Order of Police says his M4 rifle jammed.