Classes Canceled Wednesday With No Deal After CTU Delegates Meet; Lightfoot And CPS Accuse Union Of Stalling Over 'Political Agenda'The Chicago Teachers Union has called a meeting of its 800-member house of delegates for Wednesday evening, as negotiations continue on a deal to end the ongoing teachers' strike at Chicago Public Schools.
Police Prepare, Protesters Turn Out Ahead Of Trump's First Visit To Chicago As PresidentPresident Donald Trump will be in Chicago on Monday for the first time in three years.
CPS Classes Canceled For Eighth Day On Monday, Which Will Make 2019 Teachers' Strike Longest Since 1987Classes are canceled for again for Chicago Public Schools students on Monday, CPS announced.
Chicago Teachers Union: 'The Mayor Today Has Dashed Our Hopes For A Quick Settlement'The mayor says Chicago Public Schools students “cannot afford to be out of school for any longer.”
Chicago Priests Pay Visit, Pledge Support To Migrant-Welcoming Texas Chapel That Could Be Lost To Planned Border WallA group of Chicago priests recently traveled to the southern border to check on conditions in one of the poorest regions of the country – and a region that could be a battleground in the fight over the border wall and immigration.
Chicago Teachers' Strike: Teachers Report Some 'Wins' But Work To Be Done, School On Monday CanceledThe Chicago teachers’ strike stretched into its fourth day on Sunday, and it is set to stretch into its third school day on Monday.
Aurora Shooting Leaves Neighbors Stunned; 'This Is An Absolutely Insane Thing To Experience'Police said 10 to 15 shots were fired. A pick-up truck was struck but no people were hurt. The shooters then ran back into the car before speeding away in the valley. They are still on the loose at this hour.
Road Home Program Offered At Rush Provides Pioneering Treatment For Vets With PTSDThere is now a treatment for PTSD that is being pioneered in Chicago, and a handful of sites around the country.
Video Shows Moments Before SUV Plowed Into Family In Waukegan, Leaving Man DeadVideo shows the horrific scene when a driver plowed into a family in a Waukegan parking lot last week – claiming the life of a man in his 40s and putting several other people in the hospital.
At Border Shelter, Chicago Priests, Nuns Welcome Immigrants Who Have Braved Alligator-Infested River, Other HorrorsSince 1989, a shelter near the southern U.S. border has welcomed 30,000 immigrants from all over the world. Chicagoans play a critical role in helping that mission.
Burglary Suspect Found Bloodied In O'Hare Airport HangarThe suspect was barefoot and bloody. A gym shoe was later recovered stuck in the razor wire at the top of the fence.
Sterigenics Giving Up Fight, Plans To Leave WillowbrookSterigenics announced Monday it is giving up its fight to reopen its shuttered medical sterilization facility, and instead will be leaving Willowbrook.
Fans Bid Farewell To Joe Maddon As He Parts Ways With CubsMeanwhile, Wrigley Field looked empty all day Sunday. Perhaps that was fitting for those feeling empty knowing manager Joe Maddon would soon be a Cub no more.
Why Is McHenry Family's Water Bill So Much Higher Than Their Neighbors?"There is a $60 a month base fee that I’m paying monthly before I even use any water," Robert Bane said.
Doctor And Nurse Helping Rohingya Refugees At Refugee Camp In Bangladesh; 'We Should Not Be Turning Away'Chicago area medical professionals are responding to the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, as part of an all-volunteer program called Medglobal.