Dangerous Air Quality Alert After Highest Mold Count Of The YearLoyola Medicine issued Wednesday a Dangerous Air Quality Alert for the Chicago area, after an extremely high mold count was recorded.
Tree Pollen Counts Extremely HighIf you are sniffling, sneezing, wheezing and feel as if your head is in a vice, you can blame those leaves emerging on the trees.
Is Your Front-Load Washer Hiding A Dirty Secret?Thousands of consumers say they've had a problem with mold. CBS 2's Roseanne Tellez reports.
Wet Weather Leading To High Mold CountsAll the rain we've been having is making mold counts go sky high and those with allergies are just miserable, reports CBS 2’s Pamela Jones.
With Pollen Season Coming To An End, Many Still SneezingPollen season is drawing to a close but sneezing continues for many according to Dr. Joseph Leija, who keeps the official pollen and mold count for the State of Illinois.
Harsh Winter Weather A Mixed Blessing When It Comes To AllergiesThe frigid, snowy winter might help delay allergy season this spring, but mold and pollen problems could be worse than usual once allergy season is underway.
Inspectors Find Mold In Gary, Ind. SchoolA state health inspector described a strong, musty odor after testing for mold inside Roosevelt College and Career Academy earlier this month.
Hinsdale Middle School Reopens After Mold CleanupAfter missing three days of class and about two weeks of half days at another school, students at Hinsdale Middle School were ready to go back to their own classrooms on Tuesday, after crews removed dangerous mold from their school.