Pepe's Apologizes After Customer Berates Muslim Teenage GirlsThe president of Pepe's apologized on Wednesday after a customer verbally berated a group of Muslim teenagers at a restaurant in the south suburbs.
Man Berates Muslim Girls At Suburban RestaurantA group of teen girls dining at a restaurant in the south suburbs were verbally abused by another patron, apparently because of their Muslim faith.
Mag Mile Display: Man Holding Sign, Welcoming MuslimsRalph Braseth, blond-haired and blue-eyed, dressed in a suit and tie, holds his pro-Muslim sign at Michigan and Pearson. WBBM's Steve Miller reports.
Immigrant Advocates Criticize Trump's Ban On Syrian RefugeesMembers of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago called on the president to reverse the move.
Chicago Panel Drafts Resolution Condemning Discrimination Against MuslimsAld. Scott Waguespack (32nd Ward) says officials here and in cities across the nation are making sure they are on record standing with Muslim citizens.
Muslim Woman Accuses Chicago Police Of Profiling, Attacking HerOne minute a Muslim woman was running to catch her train, the next she was tackled by Chicago police officers, and it didn't end there.
Threat Reported Against Chicago Area Mosque, Muslim Leaders SayMuslim leaders in Chicago called a news conference to condemn the mass shooting in Orlando.
Group Says United Should Apologize For Removing Muslim Family From FlightThe family of five was headed from Chicago to Washington D.C. March 20. They say they were asked to leave when they requested a strap for the youngest child’s booster seat.
Wheaton College Faculty Says Administration Should Not Fire ProfessorProf. Larycia Hawkins stunned the administration last month when she said Muslims and Christians pray to the same god.
Chicago Muslim Woman: "I Don't Really Feel Safe Anymore"In this Original Report, a Muslim woman and Chicago native talked to CBS 2’s Mai Martinez about the impact of negative public perception of her religion, because of the Islamic State terrorists.
Local Muslims Outraged By Card Depicting Muslim Girl Doll TerroristA Muslim doll as a terrorist. That's what's on a birthday card that has upset the head of a local chapter of a civil rights group, reports WBBM's Nancy Harty.